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Offshore platforms: Fiber optics on the high seas

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Oil and gas extracted on drilling platforms at sea must be brought to land for further use. FPSO ships (Floating, Production, Storage, Offloading) are often used for offshore production, storage, offloading and transport. Fiber optic cable systems from HUBER+SUHNER are used on-board these special ships.

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FPSO ships are used for offshore drilling platforms mainly because the time-consuming and costly construction of a pipeline infrastructure at the drilling site can be avoided as a result. The FPSOs carry the fuel from the platforms via underwater pipelines and store it until it can be shipped.
MASTERLINE cables in the safety system
Siemens (Oil &Gas) has a proven track record as a supplier of complete automation solutions to the FPSO industry. HUBER+SUHNER Singapore worked in collaboration with Siemens to design a fiber optic MASTERLINE cable system for use in the integrated control and safety system on-board an FPSO ship. The primary objective was to simplify the development-intensive and time-consuming process of creating interfaces for automation packages from different providers. In addition, the MASTERLINE cabling system is high-performance and easy to install, which is a major advantage in locations where it is difficult to find people qualified to carry out complex installations
Ideal for worldwide plant construction
The MASTERLINE cabling system from HUBER+SUHNER proved to be the ideal solution for use on FPSO ships. 16 MASTERLINE systems in various configurations have already been delivered. In the future they will be an integral part of the Siemens system concept for worldwide plant construction. With support from Keppel Shipyard, the world market leader in the upgrade and conversion of tankers into FPSO special ships, HUBER+SUHNER sees increasing potential for MASTERLINE cabling systems on drilling platforms and in the marine industry.

fo ship