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Economic: MFBX and eMFBX board-to-board solutions


HUBER+SUHNER MFBX board-to-board solutions are designed for high volume markets like communication or even industrial applications where medium axial and radial misalignment are required.

Key features
  • Medium float
  • Low cost
  • Very good shielding
  • Small board-to-board distances


eMFBX - exceeds, enables, economises


HUBER+SUHNER was faced with the challenge of designing MFBX significantly cheaper but even
improving electrical performance and quality. We asked ourselves what would be possible to exceed the limits and make our solution unique? The answer was quickly formed – we want to move away from the pure coaxial system to a planar inner conductor structure. We spent countless hours to find a suitable design which fulfills besides electrical performance also characteristics like engagement forces, abrasion as well as resistance to relaxation. Long lead times with stamp and bending technologies made us to find a way to get very fast prototypes. Thanks to our steady trust in the new solution we were able to present an eMFBX barrel to the market which is completely intermateable with today's standard MFBX.


What makes the new product worthwhile for our customers? Best pricing? Best design? Fancy
technologies? Not at all – a worthwhile product enables our customers to design and sell a
valuable product to their customers. What does that mean? We are convinced that working
design, quality as well as established supply chains are key factors to win trust. Simple and proofed stamping processes used for the new center pin and the very high output with up to 200 pieces per minute help us to achieve those targets. Our zero defect philosophy becomes true by using a fully automated assembly robot with 100% visual camera inspections.


A tailor-made design, new production methods and completely new coaxial approaches enable
HUBER+SUHNER to offer the most cost-effective solution with board-to-board distances of 16 mm and 22.3 mm. “Thanks to the cost optimised solution, we were able to design-in the eMFBX within several Massive MIMO applications in the communication market”, said Cristina Olimpieri, Application Engineer Communication RF.

Features and benefits

  • Intermateable with MFBX
  • Fast ramp-up with machined version (MFBX)
  • High capacity thanks to tool based production technologies
  • Very high quality and stability due to fully automated assembly
  • Very stable contact crowns
  • Higher contact forces resulting in very good contact resistance
  • Impressive audio feedback for snap side

Available items

  • 32_MFBX-50-0-3/111_NH-2, item no.: 85096448 for 16mm board-to-board distance
  • 32_MFBX-50-0-4/111_NH-2, item no.: 85096450 for 22.3mm board-to-board distance
Together with the SMD connectors 82_MFBX-S50-0-6/111_NM (slide) - #85025282 and
82_MFBX-S50-0-8/111_NM (snap) - #85025295 HUBER+SUHNER offers a starter kit with two different board-to-board distances. Due to the fixed length and always on stock items, customers with lower volumes will also profit from that new innovation.

MFBX / eMFBX specifications

Frequency range DC ... 6 GHz
Return loss 22 dB (DC … 3.5 GHz) with ± 0.8 mm axial floating range
20 dB (3.5 … 5.0 GHz) with ± 0.8 mm axial floating range
RF leakage ≥ 65 dB (DC – 6 GHz)
RF Power
B2P: typ. 160W @ 2.4 GHz (85°C) 
Radial tolerances ± 0.8 mm
Axial tolerance ± 0.8 mm