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RADOX® Milcat 7 - for industrial applications

Databus cable for high data rates in industrial applications

RADOX® Milcat7 is a category 7 database cable with enhanced markings for industrial applications. It is suitable for use as a data, patch or device connection cable for the transfer of both analogue and digital voice, image, multimedia and data signals. Thanks to its excellent transfer properties, it is ideally suited for Gigabit Ethernet network connections of up to 10 gigabit/s. It therefore creates sufficient system reserves for potential network expansion using new, broadband-intensive applications such as video surveillance systems or modern monitoring and control systems.

Particular robust

With the RADOX® Milcat7, HUBER+SUHNER offers a highly robust databus cable that was developed specifically for use in extremely harsh environmental conditions. It is particularly well suited for use in industrial production facilities, oil and gas platforms, ships, seismological field measurements and military field and control centres. The new cable is extraordinary robust regarding various environmental impacts: thanks to its electron-beam crosslinked sheath material, the time-tested RADOX® REMS FH, it is highly resistant to wear, pressure and vibration, as well as heat, cold, acid, alkali and weathering. Its flexible construction also makes it suitable for mobile and temporary installations.

The four-pair cable is available as 4x2x24 AWG with slender dimensions that make it suitable for even the tightest of spaces. Its individual core marking enables the correct identification and assignment of each core during assembly.


•    Perfect core identification thanks to individual core marking
•    High-speed data transfer of 600 MHz at 100 OHM
•    Electron-beam crosslinked sheath material: RADOX® REMS FH
•    External sheath resistant to temperatures from -40 °C to +120 °C
•    Small diameter and low weight
•    Easily stripped
•    Resistant to wear, pressure and vibration  
•    Resistant to acid, alkali, mud, UV and weathering
•    Flame-retardant, halogen-free, low-smoke
•    High flexibility and durable
•    Excellent oil resistance