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Radio Frequency components used in the Wi-Fi hotspot on the Fan Mile in Berlin

September saw the start of the pilot phase of a public gigabit Wi-Fi access point on the famous Fan Mile in Berlin, Germany. HUBER+SUHNER is providing Wi-Fi antennas and coaxial cables, thus playing its part in enabling users in the area to surf, chat and stream for free for 30 minutes.


Die Schweizer Fachmesse für Kommunikations-Infrastruktur in Bern. HUBER+SUHNER präsentiert Ihnen unter Today.Tomorrow.Connect. die neusten Lösungen aus den Bereichen City, Infrastructure und Home. Besuchen Sie uns am Stand Nr. 2.231.

25/9/2018 - 27/9/2018
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Complete solution for LTE upgrade of cell sites

11 / 6 / 2014
Complete solution for LTE upgrade of cell sites
One of the top Tier 1 Wireless Operator providers in the United States for wireless voice and data communications products upgrades its wireless infrastructure to accommodate 4th generation LTE. For this project, the operator has selected HUBER+SUHNER Inc. as Strategic Partner for remote radio head (RRH) interconnection solutions.

This complex project will have a time frame of two to three years and involves upgrading the majority of the rooftop and cell tower sites in all 50 states.

Complete solution
To support this US Tier 1 Wireless Operator and its demanding installation criteria, HUBER+SUHNER has developed a complete technical solution. It encompasses the innovative MASTERLINE Classic Hybrid (MLCH) range of pre-terminated cables, HTTA (Hybrid to the antenna) jumpers, LISCA radio frequency jumpers, large and small HTTA OVP boxes and accessory materials. The scope of this Fiber optic/Radio frequency wireless bill of materials (BOM) exceeds 275 line items. The solution minimises the amount of cables running up the mast. At the hybrid distribution box the multi-fiber/wire cables are split into individual cables which are linked to the RRHs with short jumper cables. Additionally, the customer has a complete interconnection solution for remote radio heads.

Unique approach in procurement
The customer has decided to take a unique approach in cell site installation procurement. Historically most operators in the United States either worked indirectly with HUBER+SUHNER through their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) by utilizing a turnkey approach for on-site procurement, installation and maintenance. Or they worked directly with companies like HUBER+SUHNER in forecasting, ordering cell site materials and providing value added services. For this project the customer has implemented both approaches. He continues to work indirectly with HUBER+SUHNER through multiple OEMs along with selecting certain markets to work directly with HUBER+SUHNER. Thus, the customer can take advantage of HUBER+SUHNER’s direct expertise.

Formidable opportunity for HUBER+SUHNER
This project is a formidable opportunity and tremendous challenge for HUBER+SUHNER in coordination, communication and execution with not only the OEMs but also with the Tier 1 Wireless Operator’s corporate staff and all 35 regional markets. With this project HUBER+SUHNER underlines its position as global leader for remote radio installation solutions.