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Radio Frequency components used in the Wi-Fi hotspot on the Fan Mile in Berlin

September saw the start of the pilot phase of a public gigabit Wi-Fi access point on the famous Fan Mile in Berlin, Germany. HUBER+SUHNER is providing Wi-Fi antennas and coaxial cables, thus playing its part in enabling users in the area to surf, chat and stream for free for 30 minutes.


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13/11/2018 - 16/11/2018
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HUBER+SUHNER opens state-of-the-art production facility for injection moulding in Herisau

HUBER+SUHNER is focusing its injection moulding activities at the “Mühle” production site in Herisau. It is also investing in the renewal of its machine pool. The current “Tiefe” site is being sold off.

HUBER+SUHNER opens state-of-the-art production facility for injection moulding in Herisau

Injection moulding is a core technology for the production of large volumes of plastic parts. However, there are still advances to be made in its potential areas of use and the level of precision that can be achieved in manufacturing. To remain at the leading edge in the future, the company has invested an amount in the mid-single-digit million range at its existing “Mühle” site to bolster its expertise in injection moulding and has also renewed part of its machine pool.

The infrastructure is designed to enable the mass production of complex parts that meet extremely strict tolerances. Through this, HUBER+SUHNER is focusing on the key markets of Communication, Industrial and Transportation, with particular emphasis on the automotive industry. The company holds automotive certification to ISO/TS 16949, which places extremely high demands on system and process quality, and regularly receives “best supplier” awards from big-name customers.

“We were faced with the decision to invest in the future of this area, or stop injection moulding production entirely,” said Urs Ryffel, who takes over as CEO on 1 April 2017. “With this solution, the industry-leading expertise that HUBER+SUHNER has built up over the decades is retained at the company. This has benefits for us both when developing product innovations and as a supplier to the automotive industry.”

The move to the new location significantly reduces the distances involved and brings further advantages. For example, raw materials are now supplied centrally for the cable and injection moulding areas in Herisau. Internal processes have been further optimized and the change provides employees with more direct access to central services and a stronger connection to existing offerings such as the staff canteen.

A local industrial company has agreed to buy the current “Tiefe” site, which will provide an opportunity to expand its own activities within the region.

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