Small Satellite Conference 2019
Small Satellite Conference 2019

During the Small Satellites conference, the discussion will be around the technical issues, development considerations, and new opportunities that result from an ever-growing trend toward missions using tens, hundreds, or even thousands of small satellites.

3/8/2019 - 8/8/2019
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PTTA distribution box

PTTA distribution box


• Ruggedised outdoor power distribution box
• Supports 3 or 6 remote radio heads
• Different configurations, with circuit breakers or/and surge protection devices
• Suitable for mounting on poles, walls and tower legs with round, L, V and -shape
• Easy to mount and install with integrated screws and pre-mounted brackets
• Protective vent to equalise pressure and prevent condensation


    PTTA box small PTTA box medium
Number of RRH   up to 3 RRH up to 6 RRH
Dimension   240 x 240 x 132 mm 320 x 250 x 138 mm
Power entry   1 cable Ø 13 to 25 mm 1 cable Ø 13 to 25 mm
Power exit   3 cable Ø 9 to 16 mm 6 cable Ø 9 to 16 mm
Earthing   1 cable Ø 5 to 13 mm  
U(N) rated voltage   −48 Vdc  
I(N) rated current per RRH   ≤ 16.7 A (depending on the configuration)  
Temperature range installation
-10 to +50 °C
-40 to +75 °C (+55 °C with circuit breaker)
Box material   polycarbonate glass-filled, halogen free, uV resistant  
Flammability rating   UL 94 V0  
Ingress protection   IP66 (EN 60529)  
Impact resistance   IK 07 IK 08
Circuit breaker (optional)   miniature circuit breaker C20A, type 55SY6120-7 (specification page 75)
miniature circuit breaker C32A, type 55SY6132-7 (optional)
Surge protection device (optional)   SPD type 1 + 2/class I + II or type 2/class II (specification page 74)  

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Customer Service
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Customer Service
Customer Service
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  +1 704 587 1238