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22/10/2019 - 22/10/2019
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CUBO Mini 100G Optical Multi-Purpose Tool

CUBO Mini 100G Optical Multi-Purpose Tool

The HUBER+SUHNER CUBO mini 100G is a compact, stand-alone optical demarcation device for 100G solving a multitude of challenges. Low cost, flexible and easy to install product for 100G connections – irrespective of the 100G QSFP28 MSA transceiver used.


The CUBO mini is the first device to take advantage of the wide variety of 100G QSFP28 transceivers covering different distances up to 25km. It has two QSFP28 slots implementing a layer 1 optical conversion between the two slots. This approach not only makes the setup simple “plug & play” but also enables full transparency of all higher levels including OTU4 at the lowest possible latency.

The CUBO mini 100G ODD is clearly labeled to make the operation as simple and intuitive as possible. Multiple LEDs provide easy fault diagnosis.

•    Stand-alone module with 2x QSFP28 MSA port
•    Support for MSA compliant SR4, LR4, CWDM4,…
•    Low latency layer 1 “conversion” between the QSFP28 ports
•    Transparent for all higher levels
•    Supports OTU4 (4x 24G)
•    Port Loopback for each QSFP28 port
•    Port Deactivation for each QSFP28 port
•    Self-install and “Plug & Play” operation
•    Small size (12 x 12 cm)
•    RJ45 and SFP interface for remote access
•    Intuitive WebGUI monitoring and control interface
•    SNMPv3 remote protocol
•    19” rack mount for Central Office as well as single module mounting solution


The CUBO mini is a standalone device with 2x QSFP28 MSA slots. It supports any MSA compliant QSFP28 transceiver and any combinations of different QSFP28 are possible. Our mini offers a robust Layer 1 conversion between its input and output. The self-explaining WebGUI provides a responsive and consistent monitoring and control interface based on its SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) capability.

Mini means mini. The small size of 12,4 by 16,4 cm allows an easy installation at any convenient location at the destinations end. CUBO mini features real Plug and Play operation, thus making it extra easy for any self-installation. Once installed, offers the port loopback a fully functional test coverage for both QSFP28 slots.  



Media Converter
CUBO mini is the cost effective media converter based on QSFP28 to convert between different interface types.

Power Class Extender
CUBO mini is the cost effective MSA power class extender for QSFP28 transceiver.

CUBO mini is the cost effective demarcation point based on QSFP28 at the handover point.

CUBO mini is the cost effective repeater based on QSFP28 to regenerate the signal.


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