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Globo Group S/A
Avenida Venezuela 110
C1095AAD Buenos Aires

Phone: +54 11 4342 8369

Product line: Fiber optics, Radio frequency
Applications: WAN access, Data center, Indoor coverage

Naxos Kut S.A.
Avenida Rafael Nuñez 5019
X5009CGE Cordoba

Phone: +54 03 5434 20840

Product line: Fiber optics
Applications: WAN access
Quality Tech SRL
Avenida Cabo Moreno 2285
Buenos Aires

Phone: +54 11 4238 9184

Product line: Fiber optics
Applications: Local assembly shop


Sociedad Comercial Standards S.A.
Avenida Antonio Varas 175
7500580 Santiago

Phone: +56 2 2979 8123

Product line: Fiber optics
Applications: Data center, WAN access


Urbis S/A
Calle Pedro Getto Y Las Residentas 888
Fernando De La Mora

Phone: +59 5 98183 5500

Product line: Fiber optics
Applications: Data center, WAN access


General Industrial, Test+Measurement and Aerospace+Defense Market

ARROW Electronics, Inc.
Phone: +1-855-326-4757
Web:     www.arrow.com
C.W. Swift & Associates, Inc.
Phone: +1 800-642-7692
Web: www.cwswift.com
East Coast Microwave
1-800-STOCKROOM (1-800-786-2576)
Microwave Components, Inc.
Phone: +1 800-282-4771 
Web    www.microwavecomponentsinc.com
Powell Electronics

Phone: +1 800-467-7880 
Web: www.powell.com

Carrier and DAS Market

Phone: +1 800-328-5142
Web: www.kgplogistics.com
Perfect Vision
Phone: +1-844-887-6723  
Web: www: p10wireless.com
Phone +1 800-949-7079 
Web: www.talleycom.com
Trispec Communications
Phone: +1 800-363-7810
Web: www.trispec.com

Structured Cabling Market

Phone +1 (770) 740-2240
Web: www.accu-tech.com

Wire and Cable

Aircraft Commercial Enterprises
Phone +1 316-788-0400
Web: www.aircoment.com
5001 S. Town Drive
New Berlin, WI  53151

Phone: +1 877-613-4392
Web: www.IEWC.com


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