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Miniature low PIM RF coax connector system

HUBER+SUHNER is a leading global supplier of interconnectivity solutions and an active partner of a development group with the goal to provide an innovative coaxial connector solution for the smaller equipment in the telecom market.

The new NEX10 interface offers very low PIM performance together with a robust design and small size. Another key feature of the NEX10 is the separation of electrical contact from mechanical contact area, which yields a low PIM and high RL performance independent of the coupling mechanism or applied torque. This characteristics also gives the possibility of offering the connector plug with screw, hand screw and quick lock designs, thus simplifying the installation effort while guaranteeing a very high electrical performance for all  coupling mechanisms. Additionally, the interface specific weather protection boot provides guaranteed protection against corrosion and extreme weather conditions.

The interface design also allows for PIM stable blind mate connectors and a standardized multi-coax solution consisting of up to four ¼” corrugated cables in one housing.

  • Optimized for ¼” cable
  • Low PIM independent of coupling mechanism
  • Operating frequency up to 20 GHz
  • Small size, flange height of 12.7 mm
  • Protection of contact areas
  • Three coupling mechanisms (push pull, screw and hand screw)
  • Rubber boot weather protection
  • Robust and reliable performance for outdoor use
  • Reliable performance eliminating installation errors
  • Excellent RL and electrical performance
  • Compact modules
  • Interface safe from installation damage
  • Flexibility in installation
  • Interface specific boot guaranteeing protection in extreme weather

Because of its design features, the NEX10 interface is the ideal candidate for applications requiring PIM stability and robustness in a small size such as remote radios, distributed antenna systems (DAS), small cells and in-building architecture.
  • In small cell applications, the NEX10 is particularly suited for challenging space restrictions and electrical performances requirements
  • In low power base stations, the NEX10 can be used for interconnections in the remote radio head as well as interface on the antenna and on the jumpers
  • In multi-operator/multiband DAS, the NEX10 can be used where RF signals have to be combined,  terminated, or distributed to the antenna
  • Blind mate for panel to panel and test & measurement
  • For dense applications, the multi-coax will offer the best solution with four signals line in one connector