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HUBER+SUHNER 针对各种室内和室外无线连接,开发并生产范围广泛的定向和全向天线,例如

IBC / DAS 天线

建筑物内的网络覆盖 在我们的网络世界中是不可或缺的。从最初建筑物内的简单语音应用,直到今天高速率的语音和数据的无线服务传输。HUBER+SUHNER 为所有移动标准 2G、2.5G、3G、4G 以及 WiFi 和 WiMAX 频段,提供全面的天线产品组合。

作为解决方案的供应商,我们为建筑内网络覆盖提供必要的 RF 组件(天线、电缆组件、过滤器、耦合器、双工器等)。我们也可以根据您的不同应用和要求提供定制的天线。


mm-wave antennas

The broad spectrum availability makes point-to-point links at 60 (V-Band) and 70/80 GHz (E-Band) more and more popular for backhaul applications. V-Band is attractive for short distance links used in small cell, fronthaul or wireless-to-the-home (last mile) applications. E-Band is preferred for high capacity, medium range aggregation network connectivity.

HUBER+SUHNER provide mm-wave antenna solutions with  smallest size under the range SENCITY Matrix. The antennas are available with housing and standard waveguide-interfaces to allow for quick fitting on existing radio units. The antennas are also available without housing (see picture) for integration into the customer’s radio housing such to provide the full advantage of the small form factor.

The small size along with the unobtrusive appearance of SENCITYMatrix antennas allows revolutionary radio designs. This enables operators to access rooftop, wall and street-level sites that were often not viable for traditional parabolic antenna systems due to technical, environmental or planning restrictions. The community-friendly design smartly addresses aesthetic concerns for installations on lampposts, street signs and kiosks, which are the primary choices in urban environments.

Detailed information
SENCITY Matrix (Brochure)
SENCITY Matrix (Special page)


无线通信是现代化交通输系统的组成部分:它涵盖了列车控制和通信(GSM-R 或 TETRA)、卫星导航(GPS)、移动通信(GSM, UMTS)和火车上的互联网(WiFi)。

HUBER+SUHNER 提供 380 MHz 到 6 GHz 的完整通信标准。作为解决方案供应商,我们为列车、轻轨车辆和公共汽车中的应用提供所有必要的 RF 组件(天线、电缆组件、过滤器)。


WLAN / WiFi 天线

HUBER+SUHNER 是全球领先的宽带无线天线设计公司和制造商。在 BWA 市场中拥有超过 15 年的经验,我们了解客户的应用和需求。

从最初的设计到大批量生产,HUBER+SUHNER 始终致力于提供具有卓越品质并符合成本效益的天线解决方案,


  • 公共热点区域,
  • 城市网络,
  • 工业应用(流程 & 传感器控制,仪表读数,远程维护等)
  • 视频监控
  • 点到点网络
  • 点到多点的固定无线接入
  • 办公通信
  • 定制的应用解决方案

我们提供天线、电缆组件、过滤器&耦合器、防雷保护和安装附件的一站式购物服务。我们的工作重点是在整个安装和运行过程中,优化客户的总拥有成本。我们标准的 WLAN 和 WiFi 天线产品包括:

Industrial Wireless Communication (Brochure)
Wireless Communication in trains (Brochure)
IBC / DAS / Small cells (Catalogue)
Wireless infrastructure (Catalogue)
Omni-S MIMO antenna (Flyer)
SENCITY Omni stick antenna (Flyer)
CBTC connectivity solutions (Whitepaper)
Product selection (Web application)
RF assembly configurator (Web application)