Small Satellite Conference 2019
Small Satellite Conference 2019

During the Small Satellites conference, the discussion will be around the technical issues, development considerations, and new opportunities that result from an ever-growing trend toward missions using tens, hundreds, or even thousands of small satellites.

3.8.2019 - 8.8.2019
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The 5G network is currently a hotly debated issue worldwide. Parts of the population see the new mobile communication generation as a danger for their health. The fact that the 5G network must also be set up with the previously valid security limits for wireless communication, and that future-proof 5G networks can only be set up with small cells in order to cover the needs of future mobile communication, to date does not influence these discussions. It is worth taking a look at the Small Cells concept.

In the future, small and micro cells will ensure that the mobile network, which previously could not be used everywhere via macrocells only (the familiar mobile masts with their large antennas), can be used everywhere. Especially in urban regions, where many people move a lot and want to be connected all the times. Integrated into existing urban infrastructure such as streed lamps or bus shelters. With required current of 0.02 watt up to 10 watt (macro cells work with around 1000 watt) for the transmissions via the antennas. Conclusion: The much denser network is operated with much less power in the urban area. Will such facts contribute to reassurance?

HUBER+SUHNER is currently launching further solutions for small cells. In addition to the SENCITY Urban antennas which we present in this newsletter the new GPS direct over fiber system in which the fiber is connected directly into the antenna will provide new posssibilities in mobile communication. We will introduce this system in a next newsletter.

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A merger for the future: Two family companies with a strong tradition, Aktiengesellschaft R+E Huber, and Suhner & Co. AG merged in 1969. The resultant HUBER+SUHNER AG focused on the product sectors of cables and cable systems and communication transmission technology. This marked the beginning of today's HUBER+SUHNER Ltd.

Celebrating an anniversary is not only a view back into an exciting history. It is also a celebration of the present combined with an outlook into the future. Recently HUBER+SUHNER Switzerland partied its 50th anniversary in Winterthur together with its investors, shareholders, VIP's, Swiss customers and suppliers and last but not least with its employees.

„HUBER+SUHNER masters future-oriented technologies, focuses on promising markets and recognises long-term opportunities. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of HUBER+SUHNER, we are determined to write another chapter in our remarkable company history”, says Urs Ryffel, CEO at HUBER+SUHNER.

In this spirit we are especially motivated to share some news with you. 

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