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Sustainable growth


of net sales from Growth initiatives

The financial health and commercial success of HUBER+SUHNER are the result of its sustainable, multi-dimensional value creation, long-term and customer-focused innovation, and strong relationships with its workforce, customers, investors, local communities, and other stakeholders. The business strategy includes four components that synergistically influence and strengthen each other: the entry into new markets, the development of innovative products, the aspiration to leading positions in core markets, and the ability to sustain these positions through operational excellence.

business performance 2020

2019 2020 in CHF million

Order intake and net sales below previous year due to pandemic

Graph / Stacks / Order intake and net sales Net sales 800.9 748.2 830.6 737.9 Order intake

Stringent cost management, structural measures and agility in supply chain were major factors for solid result

Further progressin growth initiatives and investments in the future at a record high

New alignment by market segments strengthens market orientation and reduces complexity – matrix structure abolished

EBIT margin of 8.3 % within medium-termn target range despite lower net sales

Graph / Circles / EBIT Margin 9.7% 8.3%

Significantly improved profitability in the second half-year due to increased share of higher-margin business

Driving electric vehicle innovation

Over the past years, there has been a transition from conventional, fossil-fuel powered cars to electric vehicles (EV), as technological advancements, as well as government policies and targets, lead the way to a greener future. The adoption of EVs globally is growing significantly and despite the Covid-19 pandemic, global sales of electric cars have accelerated over the past year, rising by 43 %. This shift towards EVs is important in the worldwide bid to reduce emissions and drive a green recovery, but it is creating a real challenge for the automotive industry to deliver on a mass scale high-performing vehicles that meet the growing customer demand. To do this successfully, resilient, robust and efficient in-vehicle connectivity solutions are essential.

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