VSFF connectors - MDC and SN - free sample


Every single centimeter of space ...

... used in a data center is a significant cost factor, waiting to be reduced. Optimising both, rack space and performance, is critical to meet growing data demands and maintain profitable services. Ushering in a new era of dual-fiber connectivity, the new VSFF (Very Small Form Factor) connectors from HUBER+SUHNER provide data center and central office customers with a high-density, space-saving and high performance connector, that addresses space restriction pressure in existing facilities.

Growing data rates of 200G, 400G and 800G are shifting the focus on data center environments the way we knew it. The new connector is designed to leave ample room to scale-up to meet future demands. Its dual fiber quality allows a three times higher port density than other connectors, such as the LC.

  • Highest density

    The connectors were designed for use in smallspace environments that require high-density. They have three times more link possibilities in the same area to save space and cut costs.
  • Highest protection – CPR B2ca

    We offer the connectors with CPR B2ca cables, according to the regulation 305/ 2011/EN. B2ca is the premium class for cables in environments that require very high fire safety.
  • High performance

    The safe and easy-to-clean ferrule technology provides smaller loss of attenuation per connection and better return loss compared to MTP/MPO.

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