PMRexpo digital
PMRexpo digital
The fair is an ideal setting for identifying new trends, getting to know the latest innovations in the field of professional secure communications.  Visit our virtual booth and discover our holistic solutions intended for indoor, outdoor and vehicle professional communication applications. 
24/11/2020 - 26/11/2020
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Our divisions

Three divisions images
Three divisions images
Three divisions images

“Bridging Technologies” – three technologies from a single source

HUBER+SUHNER is unique in that it combines strong expertise in all three technologies relevant to the transmission of data and energy under a single roof. Combining these technologies is an important factor in the success of our company. When developing customised solutions, our engineers often work closely with customers and support projects as partners and experts from start to finish.

Radio Frequency

HUBER+SUHNER develops and manufactures radio frequency and microwave components and systems for diverse requirements. Our wide product range includes all passive components such as cables, connectors, cable assemblies, antennas, lightning protection and resistive components. Our profound knowledge of radio frequency and microwave technologies, sophisticated simulation processes and state-of-the-art test methods enable us to constantly reduce the size of components, enhance operating frequencies on an ongoing basis and minimise losses in signal quality. The components make up complete systems which meet specific customer requirements in every respect. Thanks to our own state-of-the-art electroplating processes we have a sound knowledge of surface coating that is vital when developing innovative radio frequency components.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optics products manufactured by HUBER+SUHNER are suitable for complex applications with very high data rates. Our comprehensive portfolio includes cables, connectors, cable assemblies, cable and distribution systems as well as highly miniaturised wavelength multiplexers. Our products are used, for instance, in especially harsh environmental conditions. Even when installation has to be fast and safe, our pre-assembled, customer-specific systems – including the smallest components and the highest packing density – are the ideal solution. An optimised polishing process developed in-house for fiber
optic connectors represents an important basis for the high quality of our optical connectivity technology. Using this process, we achieve the highest levels of precision and optimal signal quality.

Low Frequency

The low frequency products manufactured by HUBER+SUHNER are deployed when requirements are particularly challenging. Our wide portfolio here includes single cores, cables, cable assemblies, hybrid cables and cable systems. Thanks to our high vertical integration, high levels of automation and market-specific expertise, we are able to meet a wide variety of customer requirements. We specialise in polymer compounds for high-quality cable insulation which we produce using formulations developed in-house.
In conjunction with electron beam cross-linking, this allows us to produce extremely space-saving, light and durable cables that perform reliably, even under extreme conditions.