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Austrian LTE upgrade with HUBER+SUHNER solutions

Austrian LTE upgrade with HUBER+SUHNER solutions

When A1 Telekom Austria AG, one of Austria’s major mobile network operators, decided to extend and upgrade its network to introduce LTE standard, the company turned to HUBER+SUHNER to provide a flexible, future-proof system that would be easy to install and quick to implement.

Originally operating as Mobilkom Austria, A1 Telekom is now a 100% subsidiary of A1 Telekom Austria AG with a portfolio of services that include fixed and mobile telephone, internet, IPTV and IT services, as well as wholesale network services. The company operates throughout Austria under brand names including A1 (its complete services offer), Bob and Yesss! as well as Red Bull MOBILE in cooperation with Red Bull.

A1 Telekom Austria AG was looking for an equipment a supplier that could provide a Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA) solution that would support the company’s new LTE mobile telephone network. The company wanted a solution that would be as simple and rapid as possible to implement but still with quality, performance and flexibility built-in. Key deliverables included the need for a future-proof solution with a minimum of 24 fibers and a flexible system with robust outdoor connectors to suit all terrains in Austria’s varied and sometimes challenging geographies.

In the planning phases HUBER+SUHNER proved to be the only supplier on the market that could offer a comprehensive FTTA solution with and a varied portfolio of LTE solutions and all components from one source. HUBER+SUHNER has become the sole supplier for the project since it began in 2012 and provides all the equipment for around 1,500-2,000 sites per year. The project is expected to run until 2017 and to achieve around 95% build-out within the timeframe.

Pre-terminated solution
HUBER+SUHNER is delivering a full range of FTTA equipment including MASTERLINE Ultimate cable systems with the company’s flagship Q-ODC connectors suitable for harsh environments and E2000 connectors, plus RRU-Jumpers and line jumper cables and cable assemblies for remote radio heads. HUBER+SUHNER solutions include the company’s own fiber optic cables – by laying the RRU amplifier through the mast up to the antennas, the customer is able to replace the original thick copper feeder cables by (LWL) fiber optic cable.

A1 Telekom defined different system configurations for masts and flat roof installations such as using specified E2000 connectors and also conducted stringent testing of all LWL connectors for their optical performance and especially the Q-ODC connectors

Logistics - a  key part of the contract
As a major country-wide project, the logistics of delivery were at times very demanding. A1 Telekom required HUBER+SUHNER to deliver a complete solution with all components on a site-by-site basis, packaged together for easy delivery and with very specific labelling to make it easier for the installers to work. So the materials for each individual site were individually defined and ordered, then packaged together and labelled according to the customer’s specifications for individual site delivery. With tight rollout targets HUBER+SUHNER sometimes received between 50 and 100 such orders in one day.

HUBER+SUHNER’s system was a perfect fit for A1 Telekom. No other supplier was able to offer the match of technology, quality and quantity, price and the ability to deliver in the timeframes A1 Telekom wanted.

During the project, the change-over from the MASTERLINE box solution to the new MLU standard led to cost reductions within A1 Telekom, meaning the operator was able to re-negotiate with installation companies, since the MLU system is much easier and quicker to install.

Through customer visits and the HUBER+SUHNER roadshows across Europe, the team was continuously in contact with A1 Telekom Austria AG. When the leading Austrian operator decided to start the rollout as quickly as possible, HUBER+SUHNER was the only company with the right products and the expertise to be able to react with the speed required.

HUBER+SUHNER’s complete portfolio meant that A1 Telekom Austria AG could depend on one supplier for all its LTE needs and could expect its delivery conditions to be met. HUBER+SUHNER’s good global name and reputation as a quality manufacturer played a role in the decision and A1 Telekom was already familiar with the company from the fixed network (LISA). The total cost of ownership (TCO) calculations for HUBER+SUHNER’s MLU system was also an important factor in convincing A1 Telekom Austria AG to choose this solution.