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Clean solutions for Renova Energia

Clean solutions for Renova Energia
Renova Energia is a Brazilian company that produces clean energy from renewable sources. Renova Energia owns several hydroelectric power plants and 14 wind farms in Brazil, one of which has already entered operation. This, the largest wind farm in Latin America, is cabled using HUBER+SUHNER fiber optic solutions.

Over the past few years, Renova Energia has established itself as a model provider of clean energy in Brazil. The company’s expectations of its suppliers are accordingly strict. In 2011, Renova Energia was searching for a cabling solution to interconnect 184 turbines according to their wishes on the largest wind farm in Latin America, in the southwest of Bahia province, with an output of almost 300 MW. HUBER+SUHNER America Latina won the bid. “The key factor was that we were able to offer the customer a tailored, but complete ready-for-use installation solution,” explains Carlos Carvalho, who manages the project at HUBER+SUHNER in Brazil. The quick installation time, reliable connections and low maintenance costs also convinced the customer.
Customer-specific overall solution
For this wind farm installation, which was completed in 2012, HUBER+SUHNER supplied a total of 150 kilometres of cable, split into more than 350 pre-assembled cable systems. For this, HUBER+SUHNER customised several of its fiber optic cable systems, such as SMARTLINE and MASTERLINE. For example, special 18-fiber, self-supporting ADSS cables were integrated to interconnect the wind turbines. They can be suspended freely from masts without additional slings, thus saving costs. HUBER+SUHNER also supplied several other fiber optic products, including connection boxes for mast installation, optical distribution racks and multi-fiber management modules. HUBER+SUHNER provided Renova Energia not only with a complete, tailor-made cabling solution from a single source, but also with the benefits of its wide-ranging expertise in this field.
Another 2,000 wind turbines
Renova Energia has big plans for the future. Over the next ten years, the company intends to install another 2,000 wind turbines and increase its wind energy production in Brazil by a factor of ten. Renova Energia highly appreciated the technical support provided by HUBER+SUHNER before, during and after installation. The chances are therefore good that the company will also become the supplier for the planned wind farm projects and again provide clean solutions for clean energy.