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17/6/2020 - 19/6/2020
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Deutsche Bahn relies on fiber optics and RADOX

Deutsche Bahn relies on fiber optics and RADOX
The ICE 3 train has been travelling through Germany at speeds of up to 300 km/h since the year 2000. The time has now come for a redesign. Germany's fastest train is to be fitted with modern passenger information systems and a high speed network. In a total of 67 trains copper and fiber optic cables from HUBER+SUHNER will be used to connect the backbone with all devices.

When it was first launched, the ICE 3 set new technical standards with a top speed of 300 km/h, a power output of 8000 kW and its zero-wear eddy current brake. To ensure that these trains continue to operate with the very latest systems, they have now been retrofitted with an on-board broadband network. This is already enabling the integration of a modern passenger information system and provides the basis for retrofitting other broadband-intensive systems, such as media streaming, CCTV and passenger counting systems.

Broadband-intensive multimedia applications
Until recently, train operators were still using narrow-band analogue communication technologies. However, the installation of multimedia applications and the rapid development of IP-based broadband communication technologies now require a new generation of connectivity components. When designing these new networks, there has been a significant increase in on-board devices which in turn are all physically connected to the train's backbone. These device connections will now be provided in the ICE 3 using a total of 10,000 HUBER+SUHNER RADOX® data bus and fiber optic assemblies. A total of 135 kilometres of cable, both fiber optic and also CAT5 and CAT7 cables will be installed. The fiber optic cables feature the particularly robust Q-ODC and SC connectors.

Robust fiber optic products convince the customer
"It is the first time that we have installed these fiber optic products for this purpose in our trains," explains Dr Michael Kunz, Procurement Engineer at Deutsche Bahn. "The particularly robust products, especially the Q-ODC connectors, have gained our trust in this new technology. In HUBER+SUHNER, we have found a reliable partner which guarantees durable and powerful data connections."

However, it was not just the product that led the customer to select this supplier. Deutsche Bahn requires the components to be packed on a carriage-by-carriage basis. HUBER+SUHNER overcame this bespoke logistic requirement and thus made the installation process easier for its customer.

Delivery of the connectivity components started in February 2016. The first of the 67 trains has now been fitted and will soon be back in service on German tracks. The large-scale conversion of all the trains will start in autumn 2016 and will take until 2020.