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Excellent result in IRIS certification

21 / 11 / 2014
Excellent result in IRIS certification
The Low Frequency division, which supplies the global railway market in the transportation field, is required to achieve certification as per the regulatory requirements of the railway industry (IRIS). In this year's IRIS audit, the Low frequency division achieved an excellent result of 71 per cent.

The International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) is a set of rules drawn up by UNIFE (Union des Industries Ferroviaires Européennes) in cooperation with leading manufacturers of railway systems which covers the internationally recognised requirements for quality management systems of railway manufacturers and suppliers. IRIS is based on ISO 9001, but contains additional, railway-specific requirements.

Regulation content
The ruleset lists the required business processes, from the quality management system through to the business management system, and calls for extensive documentation: 16 procedures and 25 processes must be defined and documented to an adequate extent. The ruleset defines 20 scopes, which are mapped to the suppliers for the respective product groups. The certification audit is then performed on the basis of an extensive questionnaire. Companies can also use the questionnaire for internal audits.
The result of the certification and the internal audit are evaluated on the basis of the degree of compliance. System improvements can thus be identified in subsequent years based on increases in the degree of compliance. Following certification, and listing on the UNIFE supplier portal, suppliers can introduce themselves to potential customers in the rail industry on the UNIFE website.
Excellent certification results
In addition to HUBER+SUHNER Switzerland, the subsidiaries in Poland and Great Britain were newly certified this year. These three locations achieved the excellent result of 71 per cent in the re-certification audit this year. The result shows that HUBER+SUHNER is very well positioned for the future in terms of quality in the railway industry. Impressive improvements have been achieved since the last audit that allow HUBER+SUHNER to take a positive view looking forward.

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