PMRexpo digital
PMRexpo digital
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24/11/2020 - 26/11/2020
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Fiber optic network for Munich

Stadtwerke München SWM, Munich's public utilities enterprise, is investing in future-orientated infrastructural measures: in collaboration with HUBER+SUHNER, they are establishing a fiber optic infrastructure in the Middle Ring urban area. By the end of 2013, some 32,000‘ buildings will be equipped with fiber optic connections for access to the high-speed information superhighway.

Today's connection technology supports internet bandwidths of up to 100 Mbps, and considerably more in the future. This allows consumers to use data-intensive multimedia applications such as high-definition television, video-on-demand, convenient home offices, or online-based learning programs.
Fiber optics are also becoming increasingly important for energy suppliers: in future, SWM will make more use of so-called smart grids for private customers. They will be connected via new fiber optic lines to the communication network, allowing electricity and gas consumption to be metered and monitored directly, and thus supporting an efficient and reliable power supply.

Long-term partnership
As a leading manufacturer of cable systems, HUBER+SUHNER has been involved in the development of the fiber optic network in Munich since the project began in 2007, and the long-standing partnership continues. What swayed SWM's decision to collaborate with HUBER+SUHNER was HUBER+SUHNER's vast experience with custom cable projects and the high quality of its products, which promise a successful project.

Evolved LiSA cabinets
The New Generation Rack NGR1200 - Side Access System from the LiSA system range has been constantly developed by HUBER+SUHNER since 2007 and adapted to SWM's needs in close consultation with the client. The racks are at the cutting edge of technology and offer the highest densities of up to 3312 or 2808 fibers per cabinet. Additionally, the high-density LC-HD connector increases the packing density from 24 to 36 pigtails per fiber tray. Despite their extremely high packing density, the racks are efficient, reliable and easy to maintain. Bend radius control is available throughout, and the division into the three areas of "incoming lines", "patch cord excess length" and "patch area" creates clarity.
Some of distribution cabinets are located in Munich's underground stations. The dust load there is extremely high, meaning that the cabinets have had to be sealed in a complex process. Because of this, an extra version with IP55 sealing was introduced in 2012, and it has definitely proven its value.
 The customer uses a lockable version of the Optibox 4 made to its own specifications for its in-house terminal boxes.

Munich, the fiber optic pioneer
HUBER+SUHNER products have proven their value at SWM. Today, more than 50 distribution cabinets and over 16,000 terminal boxes are in use. 
SWM will continue to roll out fiber optics to other urban areas in cooperation with HUBER+SUHNER beyond 2013 with the long-term objective of networking all of Munich. This makes Munich a pioneer with regard to area-wide expansion of fiber optic networks.