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Joint development for high-speed digital testing

Joint development for high-speed digital testing
The new “MMPX on Minibend L assembly” for use in the high-speed digital testing market is the first result of the collaboration between the two development departments of HUBER+SUHNER Astrolab and HUBER+SUHNER.

With the development of the assembly, HUBER+SUHNER and Astrolab have reached an important milestone. The new assembly is the first product jointly developed by the two companies. The Minibend L cable manufactured by Astrolab and the MMPX connectors manufactured by HUBER+SUHNER together provide an optimal solution for use in the high-speed digital testing (HSDT) market.

Testing of digital systems
The huge volume of digital data traffic that flows through the Internet requires a suitable infrastructure and increasingly efficient equipment: in other words, digital systems consisting of thousands of racks with servers, routers and switches at the data center. Microchips and processors are at the heart of these systems. They also have to cope with increasing demands in terms of data rates. To ensure the functionality and performance of all components, the digital systems and the microchips are subjected to a variety of complex digital functional capability tests. In this process, known as high-speed digital testing (HSDT), the microchips to be tested are electrically connected with the measurement instruments on printed circuit boards using MMPX connection solutions. This enables systems and microchips that achieve data rates of up to 40 gigabytes per second and use up to 1500 channels to be reliably tested.

Ideal properties for testing
HUBER+SUHNER offers an optimal solution in the form of the “MMPX on Minibend L assembly”. The Minibend L cable excels in terms of its low attenuation and high phase stability when subjected to temperature fluctuations. This leads to lower line losses and less signal interference, which could slow down or interfere with signal transmission. Additionally, the Minibend L cable can be bent at the end, thus avoiding the need for right-angle connectors. The MMPX connector can be used at frequencies of up to 67 GHz and data rates of up to 80 Gbps. The cable assembly is also supplied with an individual test report. These properties of the cable and the connector make the cable assembly the ideal choice for high-speed digital testing.

Positive feedback from market
Due to the positive feedback received from market regarding the “MMPX on Minibend L-Assembly”, a new assembly with the smaller cable "Microbend" was developed. Both assemblies complement the High Speed Digital Testing product portfolio perfectly.