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LTE: HUBER+SUHNER – market leader in North America

LTE: HUBER+SUHNER – market leader in North America
Worldwide initiatives to upgrade mobile communications to 4th generation LTE are continuing apace. Major network operators in the USA and Canada have already launched their first broadband networks and will continue to roll out tens of thousands of mobile communication antennas over the coming months and years. Most operators are counting on the latest solutions from HUBER+SUHNER: since January 2011, the company has been awarded tenders with a total value of over USD 100 million.

LTE North America
The mobile network operators Sprint, T-Mobile (USA), Bell Mobility, SaskTel and Telus (Canada) have between 10 and 40 million subscribers each. Since they all want to guarantee their customers the fastest possible connections, they are upgrading their networks to the fourth-generation LTE (Long Term Evolution) standard at a record pace. Sprint intends to upgrade around 15,000 mobile phone masts in the USA using HUBER+SUHNER solutions over three years, and T-Mobile has plans to upgrade over 14,000 in just one year. This represents the largest infrastructure expansion currently underway in North America, especially as several smaller operators in the USA are also expanding their infrastructure using the same systems. The boom in orders from North America quickly resulted in HUBER+SUHNER increasing its production capacity in Mexico by a factor of three. Over 700 individuals are now manufacturing the 4th generation MASTERLINE Extreme Hybrid cable systems that are increasingly being used as standard in this area.
World’s most efficient FTTA installation
To ensure that their mobile communication networks are converted quickly and cost effectively, the North American phone giants and their infrastructure vendors, such as Ericsson or Nokia Siemens Network, are relying on the most recent FTTA (Fiber to the Antenna) system solutions from HUBER+SUHNER. The revolutionary MASTERLINE Extreme Hybrid cable systems combine multiple optical fibers for data transfer and copper cables to supply power in one. This design makes them very quick to install and meets the requirements of modern mobile communication networks. HUBER+SUHNER offers the world’s most efficient and easy-to-install, plug-and-play solution for connecting base stations with the remote radio heads on antennas, which is the main reason for its popularity with mobile network providers. The HUBER+SUHNER solutions used as part of the mobile communication network expansion in North America are not just limited to fiber optic systems. LISCA radio-frequency jumper cables, lightning protection components and Smart DC kits for innovative power supply to the remote radio heads are also helping to make this project a success.
Continued technology leadership
Mobile communication networks around the world will continue to expand at a rapid pace over the coming years. HUBER+SUHNER has therefore already developed the next generation of its market-leading MASTERLINE Extreme Hybrid system. This forward-looking solution will make network expansion even quicker and more cost effective, and further underlines the Swiss company’s position as the technology leader in the field of fiber-to-the-antenna installations.