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Major Swiss bank relies on LiSA

3 / 3 / 2014
Major Swiss bank relies on LiSA
With its "Leading Interconnect System Approach (LiSA)", HUBER+SUHNER has over 25 years' experience in the field of tailored, structured cabling systems for data centres. One of the largest Swiss banks, which recently commissioned a high-security data centre, also relies on this competence.

The demands placed on data centre performance and expandability are continually increasing. This is due to the ever-growing volumes of information and data that need to be transferred and processed. At the same time, the costs of infrastructure and operations play a crucial role. Scalable solutions that allow migration are essential for ensuring adequate capacity in a data centre. The "Total Cost of Ownership" (TCO) of a data centre can be substantially optimised through the use of innovative and modular cabling solutions. Running a data centre efficiently and reliably therefore means having well-structured cabling and high port densities. This reduces capital outlay, maintenance and operating expenses.

Customer-specific solution and services
For more than 25 years, HUBER+SUHNER has manufactured and assembled cables, connectors, cable locks and ready-made systems – providing sophisticated, modular system solutions for data centres. In the construction of its high-security data centre, one of the largest Swiss banks chose to build on this competence and rely on HUBER+SUHNER to meet its very specific needs. The delivery included over 800 12-fiber MTP/MPO assemblies, modules and component racks. In an extremely short time, HUBER+SUHNER manufactured the high-quality assemblies, which were tailored to the customer's needs. The requirements included a different polarity to standard products, which involved HUBER+SUHNER changing its production processes at short notice. HUBER+SUHNER also offered various services, supported the planning phase with its own application engineers, coordinated the delivery with the installers, and gave advice on the labelling and colour schemes.
Continuous development
This efficient, bespoke solution was possible thanks mainly to the years of experience that HUBER+SUHNER has acquired in structured cabling for large international data centres. It was possible, for example, to integrate numerous lessons learned from a similar project for the largest bank in Russia. HUBER+SUHNER continuously optimises its solutions and advances their development. For example, HUBER+SUHNER designed the LC-XD uniboot connector to achieve an even higher packing density. The push-pull mechanism supports efficient handling even in very cramped conditions. While keeping the same number of connections, this solution requires fewer cables and thus less space. HUBER+SUHNER is therefore excellently placed to provide solutions that guarantee reliable data centre operations in the future.

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