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17/6/2020 - 19/6/2020
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Mobile 4G/LTE network with HUBER+SUHNER connectors

Mobile 4G/LTE network with HUBER+SUHNER connectors
Ranberry, a Russian manufacturer of picocell solutions, has developed a mobile 4G/LTE network in a box. HUBER+SUHNER was chosen as the sole supplier of connectors for this unique solution.

In "Ranberry B1000", the Russian start-up company Ranberry has developed a completely new and unique solution for introducing a mobile 4G/LTE network. The mobile box contains all the equipment necessary for establishing a 4G/LTE network with a data transfer rate of 150 megabytes per second (Mbps) at any location and in less than 5 minutes. The range is approximately one kilometre in urban areas and about seven kilometres in rural areas. The solution is therefore ideal for supplying a network for broadband communications and mobile video monitoring in rural and remote environments.

RF connectors for Ranberry B1000
For its network-in-a-box solution, Ranberry was looking for radio frequency connectors that are suitable for applications subject to extreme conditions and that simultaneously ensure fast connections. HUBER+SUHNER recommended QN connectors for this project. These connectors feature a snap-lock mechanism for quick and easy installation and excellent PIM (passive intermodulation) performance due to their unique design.

Good collaboration
HUBER+SUHNER was chosen as the supplier thanks to its good reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality connectors that meet customer requirements. “Thanks to the handy mechanism for connecting the connector, our solution can be set up within two minutes without compromising quality. It was a pleasure working with HUBER+SUHNER,” said Valentin Titov, CTO at Ranberry.

Part of an innovative solution
This is also an interesting project for HUBER+SUHNER. “This network-in-a-box solution is unique on the market, and we are involved in this innovative solution with our connectors,” said Valentin Pleskov, Business Development Manager at HUBER+SUHNER, Russia. This order opens up a new opportunity for HUBER+SUHNER for using products in small cells on the mobile communications market.