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24/11/2020 - 26/11/2020
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Neat and tidy data centre for TDC Hosting

Neat and tidy data centre for TDC Hosting
TDC Hosting in Malmö, Sweden needed a completely new data centre and also wanted to achieve as neat and tidy a setup as possible in the process. This is both easier to maintain and gradually expand. In addition, they wanted to be able to show the data centre to visiting customers and make a good impression.

HUBER+SUHNER was responsible for the cabling and delivered a highly future-proof solution to TDC Hosting.
"There were several reasons why we chose HUBER+SUHNER as our partner for cabling our new data centre," explains Gert Mossin, a system administrator at the TDC Hosting data centre. "One of them was optimum use of space. In addition, the cabling is so simple that we can expand it when needed without calling in fitters or electricians. This makes the installation costs much cheaper."

Data centre solutions
Data centre solutions by HUBER+SUHNER are designed to optimise use of space. For example, the distribution racks can be wall-mounted, rather than just floor-standing. Furthermore, up to 3000 fibers can be housed in a rack, that is, about 50% more than with traditional cable management systems.
For Gert Mossin, the HUBER+SUHNER solution offers even more decisive benefits: "Some of the cabling comes preassembled, so that we can easily assemble and quickly expand it ourselves. On top of this, HUBER+SUHNER offers ingenious components that you will not find anywhere else - for example, the LC-HD connector, an in-house development; thanks to the long rod, you can easily release the locking mechanism there, even in the tightest space."

Easy to maintain, and easy to keep track of
According to Gert Mossin, replacing a card in a DCX switch in a rack is also very simple: "In a legacy solution, this takes about four hours; we can do it in less than two." Another advantage of the HUBER+SUHNER solution is that the cables are routed from the bottom up and do not block the other cards: "This means that important data traffic continues to flow, and it doesn't interfere with cable replacement." Additionally, all patch cables are labelled with the ports to which they belong. "This means that cables that have been disconnected are easily plugged back into the right ports."
TDC Hosting also finds the different colours of the HUBER+SUHNER LiSA cassettes very useful. "When you are standing in front of a rack, the assignments are easy to see," says Gert Mossin. "SAN switches have red cassettes, purple is for storage and servers, and yellow belongs to the single-mode installation. This reliably prevents multi-mode and single-mode fibers from being accidentally connected. And this makes on-going operation and maintenance much easier!"

Precise preparation
HUBER+SUHNER cooperated closely with Atek to implement the data centre solution for TDC Hosting in Malmö. Among other things, Atek provided the cooling, power or rack cabinets for the devices. Torben Jensen, sales manager at Atek, was impressed by the cooperation with HUBER+SUHNER: "HUBER+SUHNER is very professional," he said. "The company does fantastic analysis up front so that the requirements placed on the installed solutions are met with great precision. If you are working with preassembled solutions, and allow enough space for 25 metres of cable, it's crucial that you don't suddenly end up with 30. It has to fit exactly. And HUBER+SUHNER solutions do."
Additional information

About TDC Hosting
TDC Hosting is an independent subsidiary within the TDC Group, the largest telephone company in Denmark. TDC Hosting has operations in Denmark, Sweden and Finland, and operates 18 state-of-the-art data centres. The company currently employs around 275 staff.