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17/6/2020 - 19/6/2020
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Optical fiber installation in French train stations

Optical fiber installation in French train stations
For several years, HUBER+SUHNER among other suppliers has delivered optical components to SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français) to enhance security in train stations and improve passenger information.

Tighter security in train stations
Following an increase in violent incidents at the Gare de Paris-Nord in 2007, SNCF decided to tighten security at its stations through the acquisition and deployment of numerous video surveillance cameras.
HUBER+SUHNER optical cables are terminated with ODC connectors. They equip the cameras with an optical interface and connect them to an optical backbone that links all outdoor equipment to the technical rooms in the stations.
The highly robust ODC optical cables are particularly well suited to the diverse climatic conditions encountered throughout France and the challenging installation conditions. This durability was a key factor in SNCF’s decision to select HUBER+SUHNER products. To date, around 15,000 cameras with optical interfaces have been commissioned at French railway stations.

Optimised passenger information
To improve access to passenger information and the quality of service to its customers, SNCF has gradually increased the number of displays operated in stations and on platforms. HUBER+SUHNER is also supplying ODC optical cables to equip the information displays and maintain the momentum of this initiative.
Safe management of optical fibers
In addition to the ODC optical cables for displays and cameras, LISA fiber management systems are being used in the technical rooms of all equipped stations. These management systems collect all fibers connected to the cameras and displays, and enable the organised identification of each individual fiber and safe routing to the relevant active equipment. The LISA systems are user friendly, easy to install and maintained, and adapted to the client’s requirements.