At HUBER+SUHNER in Stockholm, Rickard Sunna received the opportunity for a career change. He is grateful to the company for this opportunity and responds with a high level of commitment. During sales negotiations, the Swede likes to rely on the “Made in Switzerland” argument.

Seven years ago when working as a communications professional, Rickard Sunna came across HUBER+SUHNER in the Swedish capital Stockholm. The IT and electronics specialist was initially employed as such in his home territory but then decided to look for a new challenge. “At my request, I was immediately offered the opportunity to be deployed in a different territory”, Sunna remembers. Since then he has been employed as a key account manager in the transportation market segment for Sweden, Poland and the Baltic States. He now regards his decision as being absolutely right. In the fields of railway and automotive the degree of technical innovation is very high, and Rickard Sunna is always involved at an early stage. He illustrates this with a concrete example: “Nowadays everyone is talking about hybrid cars, and the topic has occupied us behind the scenes for a long time.” Working on tomorrow’s solutions with specialists from various disciplines represents a positive challenge for the Swede.

As a seller of products, Rickard Sunna benefits from his company’s origin. Everyone knows that only good things come from Switzerland, he says grinning. Here everything is planned and designed down to the smallest detail, from planning and production through to the testing and certification phase. “That involves a great deal of expense, but for me the high quality is very helpful”, says Sunna, “as it represents the main argument during sales negotiations.”

The office in Stockholm is small in terms of numbers, but part of the international network of HUBER+SUHNER. Rickard  Sunna appreciates that as well. In this company, everybody does what he or she can do best – “and when I need something, the technical support is always only a phone call away.” As an international company, HUBER+SUHNER offers something else as well: prospects for the next career move.