RADOX cables for electric boats

RADOX cables for electric boats
HUBER+SUHNER RADOX® cables and cable systems, traditionally used in the automotive industry can also be used in electric boats. LTS Marine produces and delivers electric drivetrains for electric boats and is evaluating automotive cables of HUBER+SUHNER to supply power from the battery to the motor.

LTS Marine is a young Montreal-based company, founded in 2009. The company produces electric propulsion systems with the mission of transferring green energy to the marine industry. The electric motors of the system are manufactured by the company TM4. LTS Marine offers electric powertrain solutions with outputs as high as 3,400 Nm and 300kW.

High quality components, critical for safety
The LTS systems feature motors, power inverters, onboard chargers and a battery system. It is controlled by an onboard computer, which monitors the battery charge and sends a signal when the power is running out. If the boat should happen to lean too much, a control system in the boat will cut the power from inside the battery packs, which eliminates the risk of an electric shock. Additionally the electric system is fully isolated from the boat’s chassis and so people are protected inside the boat, should a wire come in contact with the hull. High quality components are important in ensuring the safety of the propulsion system, from HVDC cables to the power distribution units, battery cells and the controller. Careful component choice combined with high quality workmanship is essential - the integration of the components in the boat must be flawless, because in the worst case, the boat can potentially catch fire.

Resistant RADOX® cables for propulsion systems
To supply the power from the battery to the motor, LTS Marine has used HUBER+SUHNER’s RADOX® shielded battery cables for their prototypes. LTS Marine is looking at HUBER+SUHNER cables for specific projects as well as for standard solutions. They are planning to install charging outlets in their system and are looking for standard solutions for that application. Due to the properties of the RADOX® insulation material, the cables are highly resistant to thermal, chemical, electrical and mechanical loads - making them ideal for applications such as the propulsion system for electric boats. Using the cables combined with the high voltage connectors, the powertrains achieve a high level of efficiency and a high torque, while making less noise. This is an advantage, especially when driving close of the shore.

New use for automotive cables
HUBER+SUHNER was selected as supplier for the prototypes because LTS Marine was looking for a single source of high quality power cables and a partner for developing standard solutions their clients would be able to integrate into their production. Beside the high quality requirements, the cables have to be flexible. This co-operation between HUBER+SUHNER and LTS Marine shows that the automotive cables can also be used for applications outside that industry. For HUBER+SUHNER it is a good opportunity to enter a new market for its automotive cables, which will lead to more new