As the result of her extensive experience in human resources management, Patricia Stolz is ideally equipped for her tasks at HUBER+SUHNER. As well as specialist knowledge and experience, she also relies on traditional values such as mutual respect.

Patricia Stolz is particularly aware of how international HUBER+SUHNER has become in terms of its orientation. As the human resources manager of the Fiber Optics division with numerous additional responsibilities, she is in direct contact on a daily basis with Group companies and employees from around the world. Patricia Stolz, who is working in Herisau, says that she very much enjoys these meetings but that they often represent something of a balancing act. She describes the challenges as follows: “Certain processes and work procedures must be identical around the globe; in other cases it is necessary to take the mindset of other countries into consideration.” It is the cultural differences which make her task so exciting.

Patricia Stolz has been working for HUBER+SUHNER for five years and in the field of human resources management for 22 years; looking back she is amazed at the extent to which the field has changed. In her opinion, good and bad times had always alternated, but the speed is much greater today. Initially adapting to a crisis situation and then again to an upturn: this emotional roller coaster frequently takes place within just a few months – with the corresponding impact in the field of human resource management.

In view of this volatility, Patricia Stolz regards it as all the more significant that a company should cherish and uphold certain values despite the current situation. “Listening to one another, taking care of people particularly in difficult situations, motivating them and taking them seriously: These are central themes of which we are very conscious at HUBER+SUHNER.” Especially in view of the multicultural composition of teams, the personnel manager is certain: “Mutual respect and common goals are important prerequisites for collaboration.”