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Rolf Seiffert: Board member and FITH customer

Rolf Seiffert: Board member and FITH customer
A lovely single-family house in the middle of a 4000-person village in Switzerland. This is the home of Rolf Seiffert, Member of the Board of Directors (and private customer) of HUBER+SUHNER AG. In November 2011, he had Fiber in the Home installed for a high-performance satellite TV system. Connectivity asked him why he did so and how the installation went.

There had been a satellite dish with two so-called LNBs, receivers for local and international TV stations, in Rolf Seiffert's garden for a while. The system had previously been set up for one television set and Seiffert wanted to extend it for several TVs. In a first step, modern LNBs with fiber optic connections were installed and the cables routed into the basement. The house itself still contained the conventional cabling for the TV signals, which were however no longer suitable for a satellite system. The aim was therefore to install high-performance cables in the existing narrow installation ducts over several floors and rooms throughout the house. One fiber optic cable for each LNB now leads from the basement to the ground floor. Here, they are each divided into two cables via a CLIK! splitter. One remains on the ground floor and the other is routed to the upper floor. Both cables end in converters in which the optical signals are converted before being routed to the TV sets via coaxial cables. This final section must be bridged with conventional cables as TV sets are as yet unable to process fiber optic signals. Following the FITH installation, two TVs are now connected on the ground floor, and one on the upper floor.

Rolf Seiffert, Dipl. Ing. ETH Zürich, Member of the Board of Directors of HUBER+SUHNER since 2010.
Connectivity: Mr Seiffert, you had Fiber in the Home installed in your house. Why?
Rolf Seiffert : I moved into the house in the spring of 2011. It's 25 years old and didn't have a cable connection. But I still wanted good image and sound quality on my TV. So I looked for solutions for installing modern cables into the existing ducts without having to rip open all the walls. A Fiber in the Home installation proved ideal. Anyway, I'm fundamentally very interested in innovative technology, particularly electronics. After all, that's why I became an engineer.

How often do you watch TV – and what do you watch?
During the week, I usually watch the late news and at the weekend I like to watch a soccer match, a live ski race, or a blockbuster with the family now and again. So I'm a pretty average TV consumer. But when I do watch something, I value good quality. That's important to me.
As a Member of the Board of Directors, did you feel obliged to select the CLIK! products from HUBER+SUHNER?
No. When I decided to install a modern cabling solution I didn't immediately think specifically of HUBER+SUHNER. But then, during a strategy presentation in the summer, new products with potential were being shown. That's when I became aware of CLIK! The products impress thanks to their functionality and have distinct advantages compared to the competitors' solutions. I also experienced this for myself during installation at my home. The products are precisely tailored to the market requirements. This bears witness to the expertise and innovative strength of the HUBER+SUHNER employees – and makes me proud of them.
Are you satisfied with how the installation went?
Extremely! Everything went smoothly, everything was installed within two hours. I lent a hand myself. The ingenious features of the CLIK! products made it all really simple. One useful detail, for example, is an eyelet on the connectors for attaching the pull-through wire. Thanks to their small cross-sections, the connectors and fiber optic cables can easily be pulled through the narrow ducts. With copper, this wouldn't have been possible as the cables would simply have been too thick. Moreover, no skills beyond those of an electrician are required in order to install the CLIK! products. Neither a fiber-optic specialist, nor any special prior knowledge or tools are required. CLIK! is a really innovative product which brings me great pleasure as a technology-lover.
How have your experiences with the new TV installation been to date?
Excellent! The image and sound quality are perfect, as expected, completely interference free. The only downside is that you have to switch to copper for connection of the TVs because today's sets are still unable to process any other signals. These additional converters and their wiring also take up a bit of space and have to be hidden in a sideboard in my case. For the future, I'd therefore like to see set-top boxes with a direct fiber optic connection.
Would you install FITH again?
Yes, definitely, any time!
Mr Seiffert, thank you very much for talking to us.