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17/6/2020 - 19/6/2020
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Sberbank: LiSA in the mega data centre

Especially for financial institutions such as banks, investment firms or insurance companies, the secure and reliable processing, storage and management of data is part of everyday business. For this reason, the Russian Sberbank is consequently building a huge mega data centre in Moscow – once again relying on LiSA products from HUBER+SUHNER.

To date, the communication infrastructure was divided between various data centres. Today, Sberbank wishes to centralise its entire infrastructure at a single large centre in order to standardise its IT and to optimise resources. This mega data centre in Moscow will be one of the largest private data centres in Europe, with over 90,000 cabled connections.

A key element of this data centre is the Storage Area Network (SAN) for data. Numerous fast and reliable data channels are required for this purpose, which represents a significant technological challenge. Only by means of considerably increased cabling density can the relevant switches be physically connected.

A fiber optic cabling structure is ideal for such networks, as the bandwidth is large enough to transmit the huge data volumes without bottlenecks. Fiber optic technology enables an efficient flow of data within the company and makes data that is required by a large number of users in a network securely accessible.

LiSA as a core element
The complex fiber optic structures of Sberbank's IT network, required an end-to-end solution with a high packing density. In 2009, HUBER+SUHNER had already won a contract from Sberbank and proven itself as a competent supplier for complete, customised SAN solutions. Consequently, Sberbank again opted for the LiSA products of HUBER+SUHNER. Thanks to the company's extensive experience and expertise, a solution with an extremely high packing density was developed for Sberbank's mega data centre. The LiSA racks form the core element of the entire SAN cabling system. HUBER+SUHNER thus provided a solution, which not only meets the customer's current demands, but will also fulfil all future requirements as a platform for the ongoing IT consolidation with even higher data rates.