Power2Drive Europe
Power2Drive Europe
Auf der Innovationsplattform The smarter E Europe werden vier Fachmessen zusammengeführt. Besuchen Sie uns auf der Messe Power2Drive Europe Stand C3.370 und endecken Sie die neue Generation von RADOX® HPC Schnellladesystem. 
17/6/2020 - 19/6/2020
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SeaJack: As colourful as Lego, as solid as a rock

SeaJack: As colourful as Lego, as solid as a rock
A massive building site on the rough, open sea. Whether oil and gas platform or wind farm, the colourful SeaJack provides a stable construction base. This vessel, which almost looks like a over-dimensioned Lego creation, stands as solid as a rock, despite the often inhospitable conditions. Inside, it is fitted with highly resistant RADOXR cables from HUBER+SUHNER.

People on the coasts will often see this unusual vessel: the SeaJack is a rectangular box the size of a football field, with steel legs in the corners. These legs can be raised and lowered using steel ropes and winches, which allows the boxy vessel to lift itself up above the sea. It is used as a mobile construction site for offshore oil and gas platforms and wind farms.
200 tonne hammer
The colourful design is based on technological necessity. A crane and jib are located at the centre of the vessle. With its cables groaning, this crane is used to lift towersized pipes into place. The crane lifts a pile, places it in a massive grabber and lowers it into the water. A 14-metretall hammer weighing over 200 tonnes is then hung from the crane using cables as thick as a person’s thigh. A single blow from the hammer drives the pile a good metre into the ground. With SeaJack’s help, an entire wind farm will eventually appear here. Until then, however, SeaJack continually needs to be towed by tug between the construction site and the harbour over fifty kilometres away to take on new materials. Each trip lasts around eight hours.
90 minutes of continued operation in fire
SeaJack is subject to exacting technical requirements: All components must be able to withstand the harsh environmental conditions at sea, aggressive salt water, mechanical impacts and high temperatures. Only highquality products are able to meet these requirements. RADOX cables from HUBER+SUHNER were first installed in a SeaJack in Dubai in the spring of 2012. Several hundred metres of cables were laid between the large emergency power batteries and the power distribution system in order to guarantee 90 minutes of continued operation should a fire occur. This would provide sufficient time to evacuate the vessel in case of fire, for example.
 The SeaJack in Dubai is primarily used for the construction and maintenance of drilling rigs. The vessel is, however, more than capable of serving as a stable platform for the construction of the planned offshore wind farm with 220 turbines in Abu Dhabi.