Smart grids in China with fiber optics

Smart grids in China with fiber optics
China is the world's largest electricity consumer. This is why China is investing in building and improving its electricity grid, especially in terms of renewable energy. To integrate these irregular energy sources in a better way, and to ensure a reliable power supply, the power grids are being extended to create smart grids. HUBER+SUHNER has delivered a variety of fiber optic solutions for controlling and monitoring the transmission substations on these grids.

Smart grids use information and communication technologies to balance power consumption and electricity generation. The goal is to create an efficient, reliable and stable power grid. To achieve this, the systems for power transmission and distribution must be monitored and controlled.

Customer-specific fiber optic solutions
HUBER+SUHNER, in co-operation with sales partner Shanghai Bo Zhong Mechanical & Electrical Technology, is supplying fiber optic solutions for monitoring and controlling electricity transmission and distribution to the State Grid Corporation of China, China's largest energy company. To date, 500 Masterline cable systems and 7,500 cable assemblies with ODC or QODC 12 connectors, both combined with pigtails, have been deployed in 52 transmission substations. These cabling solutions connect the active devices in the field cabinet with the devices in the control room. This enables the transfer of data required for monitoring and controlling electricity transmission and distribution.

The pre-assembled cable systems and assemblies are manufactured entirely at the HUBER+SUHNER production plant in China in accordance with the customer's specific requirements. The biggest challenge for these projects is the short delivery time. Some cabling solutions must be supplied within such a short time that they are delivered by air freight.

Robust cables for a harsh environment
Fiber optic solutions are ideal for such applications in transmission substations as they are immune to electromagnetic exposure and reliably transmit data over long distances. The cable systems and assemblies are extremely robust and well insulated, and thus well-suited to outdoor use in harsh environments. They are also easy and quick to install because they are delivered in pre-assembled form, thus removing the need for splicing and connector assembly at the job site.

5,000 further transmission substation planned
To further expand the smart grid, State Grid plans to build more than 5,000 additional substations in the next five years. For HUBER+SUHNER, this presents a huge potential for our fiber optic solutions in the energy sector.