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Swiss Federal Railway

Swiss Federal Railway
The Swiss Federal Railway (SBB) has ordered 59 double-decker trains for intercity transport from train manufacturer Bombardier. These InterCitys and InterRegios, which are due to enter operation as of 2015, will both cover increased demand and replace older railway vehicles. In what is the second-largest rolling stock project on the European rail market, HUBER+SUHNER is cabling all the trains, including design and engineering, and will be using the new, specially-developed RADOX rail cables.

The project is starting with a pre-series of seven state-of-the-art double-decker trains featuring a variety of communications applications such as customer information systems, electronic reservations and video surveillance. They are being produced by Bombardier in Görlitz. HUBER+SUHNER has been commissioned to provide all cabling for this pre-series, including design and engineering in collaboration with the customer. In addition to providing the components for the train interior, the intercar links and the underfloor cabling, our marketleading company is also assisting in the design of the cable systems. The aim of the pilot series is to establish a detailed and definitive design for the entire cable system including documentation. This will then be applied to the remaining 52 trains making up the order. The final version of the cabling design has therefore not yet been agreed, and is instead being developed as a turnkey solution through collaboration between HUBER+SUHNER and Bombardier. HUBER+SUHNER is also responsible for configuration management. If changes occur during the pre-series phase, new solutions need to be found in consultation with the customer; wiring harnesses need to be modified and the modifications documented. HUBER+SUHNER’s extensive experience with similar projects, and the project centre established in Germany especially for such purposes, are the major benefits here.
RADOX railway cable enhanced
All 59 trains for the Swiss Federal Railways will be wired with HUBER+SUHNER railway cables. In total, around 8,000 kilometres of cable will be laid. The high standards imposed on the cabling by operator SBB represent an enormous challenge. In addition to conforming to the European fire prevention standard prEN 45545, the cables must also be very lightweight and space-saving. Unlike other orders, both the shield and the insulated wires need to be electron beam cross-linked to ensure the robustness of the cable. HUBER+SUHNER has thus developed a new RADOX railway cable made from new, even better materials specially for this project. On top of this, space restrictions made the design of the intercar links particularly challenging. However, engineers from HUBER+SUHNER came up with a solution in the form of a special design.
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Record holder Swiss Federal Railways
Rail transport is more popular in Switzerland than anywhere else in the world. 977,000 people travel on SBB trains every day. This amounts to 357 million passengers using the 3,000-kilometre-long route network each year. SBB is therefore the largest travel and transportation company in Switzerland and, with 28,000 employees, one of the country’s main employers.