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Team spirit

Team spirit
Being involved in setting up the new plant in Changzhou in China and being able to make a decisive contribution to the start-up phase: Vicky Xu regards this as representing a unique opportunity. She feels supported in the process by the strong team spirit at HUBER+SUHNER which extends across borders.

For Vicky Xu, her work has certainly not yet become routine as the HUBER+SUHNER plant in China’s Changzhou did not start operations until last year. Here Xu, who has been employed by the company for two years, is responsible for the quality of the processes and the prod­ucts. She ensures this with her own team of 16 engineers, technicians and inspectors within the 300-strong workforce. “We supply large companies around the world; we cannot afford to make any compromises”, emphasises Vicky Xu who completed her studies at the university of Nanjing in finance and accounting . Vicky Xu and her team were invited to Switzerland before the starting signal in China to get to know the philosophy and working practices of HUBER+SUHNER first hand and continue them at the Chinese location. “We received an in-depth insight and felt that we were part of the whole operation from the very first day”, she remembers. Being able to share in existing resources of knowledge and experience is very satisfying for her, as: “In this way, we can always achieve an increasingly high level.”

There was a lot for the young team in Chang­zhou to learn during the development phase. A wide range of products is manufactured in the Chinese plant. That places considerable demands in terms of organisation. Vicky Xu is pleased to meet these demands, as she soon found out that the corporate culture of HUBER+SUHNER encourages personal initiative and rewards good ideas. A further feature of corporate culture is the open attitude on all hierarchy levels and across all countries. She was impressed and inspired by that from the first day: “Here you can ­introduce your authentic personality and make a specific contribution to the wonderful team spirit as a result.”