Newsletter, June 2017
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A new product video about NEX10, our 5G Power and the launch of Enviroflex basic are among the highlights this month. Learn more about these and other current topics in our latest Newsletter.

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Enviroflex basic
With the introduction of Enviroflex basic, HUBER+SUHNER expand their portfolio of halogen free RF cables. The environmental friendly alternative extends the selection with cost-effective RF cables for less demanding applications. Thanks to the mechanical compatibility with RG cables the Enviroflex products can easily be designed-in using existing connectors.
NEX10 video
Within the past weeks we have produced a video about the new NEX10 interface. Please have look and learn about the key features of this newly developed product. The NEX10 offers very low PIM performance together with a robust design and small size. Another key feature of the NEX10 is the separation of electrical contact from mechanical contact area, which yields a low PIM and high RL performance independent of the coupling mechanism or applied torque.
Discover our 5G forces
5G resounds throughout the land and HUBER+SUHNER is ready to join you on the road to 5G. Our offering is ready and can be tailored to your needs. We are committed to design together with our customers the infrastructure between BBU and RRH covering all D-RAN and new C-RAN architectural needs as well as for the Inbuilding coverage for a modern and future proof transition towards your 5G
All Optical Switching – How it works
HUBER+SUHNER Polatis is the leading supplier of high performance dynamic all-optical switch solutions for software-defined network provisioning, protection, monitoring, reconfiguration and test. The reliable, field-proven DirectLight™ optical switch technology powers more than 2000 systems in-service worldwide and has created the industry’s broadest range of transparent, bidirectional, dark-fiber optical circuit switches from 4x4 to 384x384 ports. Discover the future and how all-optical switching works.
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