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The 5G network is currently a hotly debated issue worldwide. Parts of the population see the new mobile communication generation as a danger for their health. But: The 5G network must be set up with the previously valid security limits for wireless communication. Future-proof 5G networks can only be set up with small cells in order to cover the needs of future mobile communication. Those facts do not influence these discussions. It is worth to taking a look at the Small Cells concept.

In the future, small and micro cells will ensure that the mobile network, which previously could not be used everywhere via macrocells only (the familiar mobile masts with their large antennas), can be used everywhere. Especially in urban regions, where many people move a lot and want to be connected all the times. Integrated into existing urban infrastructure such as streed lamps or bus shelters. With required current of 0.02 watt up to 10 watt (macro cells work with around 1000 watt) for the transmissions via the antennas. Conclusion: The much denser network is operated with much less power in the urban area. Will such facts contribute to reassurance?

HUBER+SUHNER is currently launching further solutions for small cells. In addition to the SENCITY Urban antennas (presented in this newsletter) the new GPS direct over fiber system, in which the fiber is connected directly into the antenna, will provide new posssibilities in mobile communication. We will introduce this system in a next newsletter.

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SENCITY® Urban: Enabling urban 5G coverage
SENCITY® Urban: Enabling urban 5G coverage

To address the challenges of the deployment of Small Cells, HUBER+SUHNER has developed small omnidirectional and directional antennas to maximise performance. The new SENCITY Urban 100 and 200 outdoor MIMO antennas cover both 4G and 5G high frequency ranges and are as compact as possible for discreet installation in different types of street furniture, such as bus shelters, poles or walls, depending on the location, thanks to various bracket mounting options.
Efficiency behind the Wall
Efficiency behind the Wall

The E-2000 BTW is a pre-assembled pigtail for "behind the wall" connectivity with the shortest E-2000 connector. It offers all the advantages of a E-2000 high performance connector which meets the highest standards by excellence in design and manufacturing processes. Only high quality and high precision materials are used to guarantee connections at the highest level. 
Founding member of IMPI’s new Solid State RF Energy Section
Founding member of IMPI’s new Solid State RF Energy Section

HUBER+SUHNER is a leading expert in RF connectivity. Now we have reinforced our commitment to developing products dedicated for solid-state RF Energy applications as we became one of eight companies to found the International Microwave Power Institute’s (IMPI’s) new Solid State RF Energy Section.
HUBER+SUHNER addresses challenges limiting the development of the offshore industry
HUBER+SUHNER addresses challenges limiting the development of the offshore industry

Offshore facilities require an enormous amount of resources that must be effective and robust enough to withstand the extreme conditions. Further to this, the equipment used within these facilities need to be as resistant as possible to these conditions to keep the facilities running smoothly, minimizing the need for any emergency repairs. HUBER+SUHNER RADOX® solutions address exactly those challenges. 
Video: Discover CT cables
Video: Discover CT cables

Now on Youtube: The HUBER+SUHNER CT product family for phase critical applications creates a stable and reliable interconnect solution to satisfy a huge range of customer applications where phase stability is key. These products provide the industry leading phase vs. temperature performance, as well as a unique range of cable constructions to fulfil any customer demands.
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