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June was an extreme trade fair month for HUBER+SUHNER. Various new solutions were presented to visitors at six global events in the US and in Europe. For that reason we also in this newsletter introduce our first cable basing on the "Rotary Swaging" technology, the newly launched multicoax connector system MXPM and PSM, the leading connection system for the new space market. And last but not least you will read about our well established MASTERLINE Ultimate hybrid cable system which in the last months has been developed further aigain to an innovation.

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Hybrid-riser cable system with high voltage supply
Hybrid-riser cable system with high voltage supply

The most innovative hybrid cabling system MASTERLINE ultimate hybrid for remote radio installation from HUBER+SUHNER became even more innovative by offering capability to deliver 230 VAC up the mast, allowing much longer cabling with significant cost savings on cables and more efficient power transfer.
Simply sticks to performance
Simply sticks to performance

HUBER+SUHNER‘s next generation multicoax interconnect MXPM is a future-proof solution that supports up to 67GHz (with option to 85GHz). By offering a high density (2.5mm) pitch, the MXPM guarantees a satisfying experience with its user-friendly magnet mount connection, making performance and reliability affordable.

High-power, low-weight, high-density
High-power, low-weight, high-density

To meet the increasing demand of cost and weight sensitive applications in the Aerospace market, HUBER+SUHNER introduces the new PSM (Power Sub-Miniature) interface. The PSM interface will enable customers to maximize connector density and minimize weight to reduce the overall system footprint without sacrificing on power handling capability.

Signals love
Signals love "Rotary Swaging"

Spuma RS FR is the most flexible cable from the Spuma family. The patented rotary swaging (RS) technology (low-loss strand) allows to overcome the common trade-off between flexibility and low attenuation. Furthermore, the new TPU jacket material provides flame retardancy without compromising on flexibility.
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