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In this issue we would like to present to you the latest developments from our main markets.


  • Upgrade SUCOFLEX® 500 series with new cable assembly for 70 GHz for Test and Measurement and High Speed Digital industries.
  • New product MXPM90: industry first 90 GHz multicoax test solution.
  • Efficient and future-proof headend solution provided to Helinet
  • An easy-to-install fiber management solution: LISA Ribbon
  • A new catalogue about network densification solutions is released. 
  • New RADOX® screened FLEX high-voltage cables: improve flexibility by 15% to 30%
  • New updates to SENCITY® Rail antennas: offer the highest number of certifications in the industry
High-performance headend platforms NEO X-Series and NEO P-Series from HUBER+SUHNER BKtel helped Helinet provide new TV services and expand its range of programmes.
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LISA Ribbon
Whether connecting data center buildings or different areas within a data center or central office, LISA Ribbon is the new solution to handle and protect high-density ribbon fibers in an easy and compact way.
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RADOX® screened Flex cable
Designed to connect the battery package, converter and e-motor, the RADOX screened FLEX cable has an improved flexibility of between 15 % and 30 % – especially at cross-sections larger than 70mm2.
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SENCITY Rail antenna
Following the recent trend of Multi-frequency GNSS systems becoming operational, HUER+SUHNER ensures that all SENCITY® Rail antennas can receive signals from all four satellite systems.
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Fully customised and supplied within two weeks, the new SUCOFLEX 570S cable assembly has all the flexibility you need, delivering high precision, low loss and electrical stability up to 70 GHz.
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The MXPM90 multicoax test solution is the key for ultra-precise, highly repeatable and therefore reliable measurement results of up to 90 GHz.
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Network densification catalogue
How to simplify, speed up and reduce the cost of the network densification process? Check out the solutions that address the site densification challenges currently faced by operators worldwide.
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The ECOC Exhibition 2020 has gone virtual. It's 7-9 December and is one of the world's largest exhibitions of fiber optic communication technology industry. We look forward to engaging with you at our virtual booth.
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