PCIC Europe 2022
PCIC Europe 2022
PCIC (Petroleum & Chemical Industry Committee) Europe is the premier European forum for the information exchange in the practical application of electricity and automation in the petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, including all upstream and downstream activities.
7/6/2022 - 9/6/2022

Save time and space with structured cabling that grows alongside your data center

Save time and space with structured cabling that grows alongside your data center
We now live in a digitally-driven world, where virtual applications, technology advancements and changing human behaviour are causing connectivity demands to soar. This is putting more pressure than ever before on data centers to handle the increase in generated data, maximise uptime and guarantee high performance. To ensure success, your data center must be stable, secure, and space-efficient. 

Structured cabling solutions play a key role in making this happen, which is why we have created a new, comprehensive white paper that highlights the full potential that structured cabling offers. Inefficient connectivity and flawed cabling are leading causes of downtime, yet cable planning typically represents just five percent of a company’s infrastructure costs. With connectivity demands only expected to rise and 400GbE just around the corner, structured cabling must be a key consideration when planning your data center to maximise uptime and ensure success. 

Benefits of a structured solution
In a data center, a fiber optic structured cabling system provides a physical infrastructure for the different networking technologies that run within it. It is a system that includes cabling, patch panels, and the associated connectivity hardware. The cabling system is working behind the scenes to connect various areas within a data center, and needs to have a defined, clear, and traceable design. Is your data center as organised as possible? If not, then it is not performing as effectively and successfully as it could be. 

By laying an efficient, flexible, high-density physical foundation, your data center will benefit from a fast deployment, both during construction and operation, which is key to delivering quick, reliable services. Additionally, it will be able to tackle key industry challenges, such as immediate service delivery. This requires cabling systems to be more automated and maintained remotely, which can be provided through all-optical switching. 

With our solutions, you will save time and space by structuring your data center’s physical layer with cabling that leaves nothing to chance. Our white paper will simplify the decision making process and help you to create a robust structured cabling system once, that will then maximise uptime and serve you well for years to come.  

Enhance capabilities in small spaces
Data centers can stay ahead by freeing up space to expand capabilities. An organised, attractive cabling system offers excellent space utilisation and simplifies MACs (Moves, Adds and Changes), saving both time and money. Our new white paper is the most comprehensive guide available, showing you how an efficient setup allows for crucial space to be freed up, and resources redirected, to provide the best service possible for your customers.

Prepare for the future
It is difficult to predict future connectivity demands, but we do know that this growth has not yet reached its limit. This must be reflected in the data center cabling infrastructure –solutions that are scalable and ready for future expansion are vital. 

With many years of expertise and high-quality products, we provide the knowledge and cabling systems that maximise uptime, drive business growth, and are future-ready. 

Download our new structured cabling white paper to learn how your data center can reap the rewards that come with a structured cabling solution.
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