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OFC exhibition

March 26–28, 2024 


Join the HUBER+SUHNER group at booth 4137 during OFC taking place in the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA, from March 26-28, 2024.

HUBER+SUHNER provides leading connectivity solutions for data centers, telecoms, secure communications, test and measurement applications. 

At OFC we will be featuring:

  • POLATIS high-port count software-defined optical circuit switching which offers optical interconnect for disaggregation and A.I.
  • RF solutions for test and measurement
  • The new CUBOsystem 400G muxponding
  • Space-grade satellite communications featuring fiber lasers  and optical amplifiers
  • GNSS and Power-over-Fiber timing synchronization solutions
  • High-quality transceivers backed by extensive experience 
  • WCM optical coupling modules for on-board optical interfaces
  • Bandwidth expansion with the passive optical multiplexing of the Network Cube X

and much more!

Solution highlights

POLATIS® optical circuit switching

Optical circuit switches support fiber layer automation in data centers and test labs. They are a key part of optical interconnect fabrics for disaggregated architectures serving AI and HPC. Switch matrix sizes range from 16x16 to 576x576. POLATIS optical circuit switches are SDN-enabled, protocol/bit rate agnostic and offer superior optical performance.

CUBO®system 400G Muxponder

The new 400G Muxponder offers low latency muxponding including flexible extension for IP over DWDM, extended Ethernet features (Interlaken, FlexE, MACsec) as well as extended transceiver support (QSFP-DD,QSFP56, QSFP28).

Speed matters with test and measurement

Our ultra-precise, efficient and customizable test solutions are empowering innovation. Standard and customized RF solutions are backed by powerful engineering services and advanced manufacturing expertise. Our distinct portfolio ensures RF interconnectivity for consistent, repeatable electrical performance.

Satellite communications

Flying devices from BKtel photonics feature space grade optical pulsed fiber laser for LIDAR application and satellite positioning and space grade optical amplifier for sat2sat communications. Additionally, ground station equipment feature high power grand booster designed for Earth-to-Satellites communications.

Timing synchronisation

The GNSS & Power-over-Fiber portfolio is the world’s first true copper-free time distribution link for data center and telecommunications customers in search of scalable timing infrastructure solutions. This game-changing solution can provide you with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Bring high-precision, highly-reliable, and long-lasting transceivers into your system. Our robust portfolio of high-quality, highly reliable carrier-grade transceivers combined with our deep expertise in transceiver coding, offers you the advantages you need to efficiently expand and maintain your network.

CUBO® WCM optical coupling modules

CUBO WCM optical coupling modules are revolutionizing on-board optical interfaces. Featuring low-cost design and small form factor for high packaging density, they are designed for automated assembly while providing excellent optical performance (low insertion loss, high isolation and return loss).

Network Cube X

The Network Cube X (NCX) redefines passive optical multiplexing by boosting the bandwidth of your system now while paving the way for future upgrades. By introducing a new approach to the upgrade port, this standardized range of products enables designs that previously could only be solved through customized setups.


You can find us in multiple locations worldwide so we can better serve your market.

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