RADOX® 125 single-core cable


Safety has always been a critical topic for switchboard and switchgear installations, including those within safe or Ex areas in the process industries. And for applications in continuous high temperature environments, standard cables quickly age and become brittle, thus requiring regular maintenance to ensure operational safety.

The RADOX 125 single-core cable significantly reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by delivering longer operational lifetime, easier processing and installation, as well as increased safety and durability when compared to other cables on the market. It is proven to be halogen free, low smoke and flame retardant, providing the highest safety assurance in case of fire.


  • DNV-Approved

    RADOX® is DNV-approved for both offshore and onshore installations to ensure a high quality and safe performance, regardless of the environment. It is proven to be halogen free, low smoke and flame retardant.


    Thanks to e-beam cross-linked insulation, RADOX® 125 has a lifetime 8 times as long as conventional 90 ºC compounds. Even at high temperature, the core insulation will not become brittle and break, and so it will not need regular replacing.


    Thanks to the extremely durable core insulation material, RADOX® 125 is ideal for special uses such as line bushing for Ex-proof applications. It provides excellent resistance against high and low temperature as well as proven compatibility with epoxy resin.

    RADOX® 125 is easy to process and strip. This greatly minimises the installation time and therefore reduces the associated costs compared to other cables on the market.

    Due to the robustness of its cross-linked insulation, the RADOX® 125 can deliver expanded current capacity, thereby increasing the operational safety margin when compared to other cables on the market with the same diameter.

    The higher safety margin offered by the RADOX® 125 is a definite advantage in situations where space are critical - because it can deliver the same current capacity in a smaller diameter cable. This results in a reduction in weight, cabinet size and, most importantly, the CO2 footprint.


Watch the RADOX 125 video to learn how this cable is different from the others.

Industry approved

Bartec Technor

Bartec Technor

(world market leader in explosion protection)

"Safety is always priority number one on Oil & Gas platforms and FPSO’s offshore. When using RADOX® 125 in cabinets and line-bushings, we know we use the best of the best wiring solutions in the market. Most cabinets on Norwegian Offshore platforms are wired with RADOX® 125."




(Scandinavia's largest supplier of electrical panels for power and control systems)

"We never skimp on quality, and thus have used RADOX® 125 in our cabinets for over 20 years now. There are cheaper alternatives in the market, but we have not found anything that can match the consistent quality, flexibility and small diameter of the RADOX® 125."



RADOX® 125 brochure version 2022

RADOX® 125 brochure version 2022

Download our latest brochure to see the full product details including a temperature performance graph, current capacity comparison and others.

RADOX® 125 and other single-core cables are now available on EPLAN

RADOX® 125 and other single-core cables are now available on EPLAN

Product data including specifications, certifications and other technical data have been uploaded into the EPLAN data portal, making your engineering process easier and more efficient. Start your project planning now.


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