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HUBER+SUHNER originally developed its unique RADOX® cable technology 40 years ago to meet the unique challenges of the railway and defense industries. Since then, the product portfolio has expanded to suit applications in harsh environments typically found in the oil & gas industry where safety and operational reliability are critical.

  • Oil platform

  • FPSO

  • Refinery/ Petrochemical

  • Up to 50% reduced cable weight

  • Up to 10x longer lifetime

  • Extremely oil & mud resistant

New RADOX® OFL™ cable portfolio

The high-grade cabling solutions that ensure safety and operational efficiency
The new RADOX ® OFL™ cable portfolio is now available.

Instrumentation, fiber optic and radio frequency cables are all included within this portfolio that will certainly be the game-changer for the oil & gas industry, providing enhanced features not found in cables currently on the market.

Multiple benefits, one solution

  • NEK 606 compliance
  • Excellent mechanical, abrasion, and heat resistance
  • High and low temperature tolerant (from -50° up to +125°C)
  • Able to withstand exposure to chemicals, oils, acids/bases, fuels, as well as harsh environmental factors
  • Long service life
  • Ex i/ Ex d/ Ex e safety

Download brochure to learn more about the RADOX® OFL™ cable family

  • RADOX® OFL™ instrumentation cables

    (onshore & offshore)

    • For high-temperature process environments like steam boiler applications
    • SHF2 sheath with extreme oil, mud & chemical resistance
    • Pair, triples & quadruples from 0.5–2.5mm2
    • -40….+125°C
    Download brochure

  • RADOX® OFL™ RF cables

    • Up to 6-8GHz bandwidth with lowest loss factor
    • Double braided for optimum signal immunity
    • SHF2 sheath with extreme oil, mud & chemical resistance
    • -40….+105°C
    • Wide range of connectors, adapters and ESP

  • RADOX® OFL™ CAT cables

    • CAT5e or CAT7
    • -50….+90°C
    RADOX® OFL™ FO cables
    • Up to 24 fibers
    • -50….+85°C

    * coming Q1 2023

RADOFLEx™ / RADOFLEx™ BAR cable glands

RADOFLEx™ / RADOFLEx™ BAR cable glands

The use of the correct cable gland is important to ensure safety, reduce installation time and minimize inventory. RADOX OFL cables can be configured with specially designed Ex cable glands that guarantee a perfect fit every time – eliminating the need to stock multiple size glands.



RADOX ® OFL™ family brochure

RADOX ® OFL™ family brochure

Download the RADOX OFL family brochure to see the full cabling line and other general information including:

• Applications
• Key features
• Approval and certifications
RADOX ® OFL™ Instrumentation cables whitepaper

RADOX ® OFL™ Instrumentation cables whitepaper

Download the whitepaper to see in detail how RADOX OFL instrumentation cables differ from other conventional cables, and how this portfolio can solve the challenges faced by:

• Operators
• Pre-FEED operators
• FEED/ Consultants
• EPCs

Featured products

RADOX® 125 single-core cable

RADOX® 125 single-core cable

The HUBER+SUHNER RADOX® 125 is a highly flexible cable ideal for industrial applications in harsh environments, including Marine, offshore oil & gas, refineries, petrochemical, chemical and power plants.
Offshore telecommunication and automation solutions

Offshore telecommunication and automation solutions

We provide a wide range of offshore telecommunication and automation connectivty solutions including:
  • Lightweight, flexible and robust cabling solutions.
  • RF-over-fiber hybrid solutions with single mode, simplex and duplex considerations perfect for harsh environments. 
  • IP68 rated industrial FO break-out terminal ideal for reducing complexity of the network installations.
  • Rugged and flat omni-directional antenna ideal for installation on outdoor cabinets, containers and devices, and more.

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