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Q-ODC radio jumpers

Q-ODC radio jumpers


• Compatible with MLE, MLEH, MLU and MLUH terminated with Q-ODC
• Ruggedised and robust jumper cable – easy and reliable to install
• Available for all types of radios
• Cable diameter 4.8 mm, 5.5 mm or 7 mm
• Standard lengths of 2, 5 and 10 m, customised lengths available
• Ingress protection IP67 (Q-ODC)
• Tensile load 450 N (Q-ODC)


Technology   full ceramic ferrule and sleeve
Housing material   nickel-plated brass
Mating mechanism   push-pull with two clearly defined states
Mechanical performance Q-ODC plug ≤ 500 N tensile load
≤ 30 N static side load
  Q-ODC socket ≤ 30 N tensile load
Operating temperature (1) IEC 61300-2-22 -40 to +85 °C
Mating durability IEC 61300-2-2 200 cycles (2)
Ingress protection (mated) IEC 60529 IP67
Salt mist IEC 61300-2-26 30 days passed
Vibration IEC 61300-2-1
IEC 61373
passed 10 to 500 Hz/10 g
passed category 1A/B, 2, 3
Shock IEC 61300-2-9
IEC 61373
passed 50 g
passed category 1, 2
 (1) depending on cable type
 (2) with repeated cleaning

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