Data Center Day Würzburg
Data Center Day Würzburg

Find out about successful data center and IT strategies and exchange views with other decision-makers and our experts.

22/10/2019 - 22/10/2019
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Overlength box

Overlength box


• Outdoor and indoor installation
• Store up to 30 m cable excess length (depending on cable diameter)
• Easily mountable on poles, on walls or in 19" racks (1U)
• Supplied with fixing brackets, screws, a laser warning label and some hook and loop cable ties


Dimensions without mounting bracket   477 × 280 × 43.8 mm (1 unit)
Material   glass-filled polycarbonate, halogen free, UV resistant
Flammability   UL 94 V0
Operating temperature   −40 to 75°C
Cable excess length capacity cable Ø 4.8 mm
cable Ø 7.0 mm
30 m
20 m

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