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MASTERLINE Extreme (MLE) with Q-ODC-12

MASTERLINE Extreme (MLE) with Q-ODC-12


• Pre-assembled "plug & play" cabling system
• Terminated with Q-ODC-12 extension connectors on RRH side
• Adaptation to any RRH interface with Q-ODC-12 plug connector
• BTS side terminated with LC uniboot connectors
• Ruggedised design with robust break-out cables
• Robust pulling tube for cable lifting
• Loose tube cables with 12 fibers, rodent protected and UV resistant
• Connectors numbered for easy channel identification
• Easy and time-saving installation


Number of fibers   12
Build-in hole diameter BTS side   15.6 to 16.4 mm
Outer diameter divider BTS side   22.0 mm
Break-out cable diameter   5.0 mm
Ingress protection Q-ODC-12 (mated)   IP68
Cable type   Glass-armoured multi-fiber loose-tube cable
Jacket material   LSFHTM, black
Cable diameter   7.0 mm
Cable tensile strength during installation 2000 N
  in service 1200 N
Cable crush resistance short-term 500 N/cm
  long-term 200 N/cm
Temperature range during installation −10 up to +50 °C
  in service −40 up to +75 °C
Fire propagation   IEC 60332-1 and IEC 60332-3-25
Flame resistance IEC 60332-1 passed
  IEC 60332-3-24 passed
Pulling tube with pulling eye outer diameter 20 mm
Protection tube BTS side outer diameter 36 mm

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