MASTERLINE Mobile Extreme

MASTERLINE Mobile Extreme

Are you looking for a compact (boxless) divider solution for outdoor use that is designed for the most demanding environmental conditions with temperatures between –60 and +85 °C and for location-independent communication transmission, or as a backup and contingency solution? MASTERLINE Mobile and MASTERLINE Extreme have been combined to create the MASTERLINE Mobile Extreme cable system, the perfect product for you.


• Mobile, ready-to-use system
• Extremely rugged, specially designed for field use
• Field-grade cable types
• Selection of different splits
• Tread-proof, waterproof pulling tube with pulling eye with high tensile strength (IP67)

• 2 to 12 fibers
• Robust divider with screw-type fastener
• Use with field-grade cable types up to 12 fibers
• Can be assembled with all standard connector types
• Reusable, extremely robust pulling tube with pulling eye
• Can be supplied on metal or plastic coil for mobile use


Designed for temporary use as emergency wiring or for mobile communications in outdoor and indoor applications, MASTERLINE Mobile can be deployed in different versions as a fiber optic cabling system.
• Broadcasting, for example for mobile use for TV broadcasts
• Emergency lines as a temporary replacement for failed fiber optic links
• Military and security
• Events
• Industry, flexible cabling solution for mobile plant components