ECOC Exhibition 2020 - Virtual Event
ECOC Exhibition 2020 - Virtual Event
From 7-9 December, the ECOC Exhibition will be the key meeting place for everyone in the fiber optic communication technology industry, attracting over 6,500 decision-makers from across the industry.

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7/12/2020 - 9/12/2020
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• Pre-connectorised factory-sealed "plug & play" fiber optic cabling system for up to 12 RRHs
• Robust connector head with 6 or 12 Q-ODC sockets
• Connects the RRH with easy-to-install Q-ODC fiber optic jumpers
• Integrated pulling eye for easy cable lifting
• Loose tube cables with up to 24 fibers, rodent protected and UV resistant
• Connectors numbered for easy channel identification
• Easy and time-saving installation


Number of Q-ODC connector socket   6 or 12
Dimensions L × W × H enclosure without cover
enclosure with cover
293 × 110 × 46 mm
460 × 160 × 110 mm
Temperature range during installation
in service
−10 up to +50 °C
−40 up to +75 °C
Ingress protection   IP67
Impact resistance   IK 07
Halogen free   IEC 60754-2
UV resistant for outdoor use   ISO 4892-3
Material flammability rating   UL94-V0
Cable type   Glass-armoured multi-fiber loose-tube cable
Jacket material   LSFHTM, black
Cable diameter   7.0 mm
Cable tensile strength during installation
in service
2000 N
1200 N
Minimum bending radius during installation
in service
110 mm
70 mm
Fire propagation   IEC 60332-1 and IEC 60332-3-25
Cable crush resistance short-term
500 N/cm
200 N/cm
Protection tube BTS side outer diameter 36 mm

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