MASTERLINE Ultimate Power (MLUP)

MASTERLINE Ultimate Power (MLUP)


• Pre-connectorised factory-sealed power cabling system for up to 6 RRHs
• Modular "plug & play" system with 6 power connectors
• 12-wire copper cable with 6 mm2, 10 mm2, AWG 10 or AWG 8 connductor
• Power jumper in different length to connect RRHs with −48 Vdc
• Robust pulling eye for cable lifting, no hoising grips required, high cable strain relieve
• Space-efficient, low wind-load
• Integral earth point which can be connected to an earth lead with M8 ring terminal
• Supplied on double-flange reels for straight forward unspooling

Connector head specifications

Number of power connector (rugged circular plastic socket)   6
Rated current per contact   42 A (IEC, 44 A (UL), 30 A (CSA)
Dimensions L x W x H   310 x 90 x 97 mm
Ambient temperature range during installation
in service
-10 up to +50° C
-40 up to +75° C
Ingress protection   IP67
Impact resistance   IK 07
Halogen free   IEC 60754-2
UV resistant for outdoor use   ISO 4892-3
Material flammability rating   UL94-V0

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