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MASTERLINE Ultimate with Q-ODC-12/24 (MLUQ)

MASTERLINE Ultimate with Q-ODC-12/24 (MLUQ) is HUBER+SUHNER’s most innovativ fiber optic cabling system in regards of modularity. It consists of 3 parts – the connector head, the connectorised multi-fiber cable and the RRH jumper. This allows a highly modular RRH installation.
The connector head is equiped with 6 or 12 Q-ODC-2 sockets to connect the RRHs with fiber optic jumpers and a Q-ODC-12 or Q-ODC-24 socket (reverse plug) to connect the multi-fiber cable. The multi-fiber cable is terminated with a Q-ODC-12 or Q-ODC-24 extension connector. The connector is  protected with a waterproof cap which has an integrated pulling eye for easy cable lifting.
These features allow a separated installation of the remote radio frame and the fiber optic cable. Additionally, due to the small outer diameter of the Q-ODC-12/24 extension connector, the multi-fiber cable can be fed through a hole with a diameter of only 22 mm.