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Are you looking for a cable system with pre-assembled riser cables (mini-breakouts) that offers optimised diameters and optimum flame propagation, can be used in a protected environment, does not pose any special requirements on the connector in terms of strain relief, and is exclusively designed for indoor applications? Then SMARTLINE Riser is the right cable system for you. It can also be easily and quickly installed.


• Ready to use, plug and play system
• Without divider, no strain relief for connectors
• Fast and simple installation
• No splicing or connector assembly required
• Single-sided or double-sided equipment assemblies
• 4 – 24 fibers
• Single fiber cables 0.9 mm not strain-relieved
• Connectors mounted directly on single fiber cables without divider
• LSFH™ riser cable: halogen free, low smoke and self-extinguishing
• Can be assembled with all standard connector types
• Can be supplied as cable coil, on cardboard or wooden reel



SMARTLINE riser is a lightweight pre-assembled cable system with small cable diameters, suitable for protected installation.
• Installation inside buildings
• Distributor cable system for indoor use in protected environment
• FTTD (fiber To The Desk)
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